Rooftop & Flipflop


Learning new things, culture, people, place, food, lifestyle has left me an urge to travel. That's the only way by which one can actually get the first-hand experience of such things.

But what if you don't find people who think crazy as you, what if your parents gives you that strange alien types looks when you discuss your travel interests with them, moreover, travelling alone is too gutsy thing to do..

They say, ""when you want something really badly, then the whole universe conspires to make it happen"' (The same old " om shanti om" dialogue) but it actually worked for me..

Photo of Rooftop & Flipflop 1/3 by Heena Raheja

FB helped me in finding "India42", a travel group. A bunch of crazy people, used to organize trips, and aims to give the real " traveller " feel.. Any combination of 26 alphabets will be less to define their level of craziness.. I first joined them on Jaisalmer trip, and the only thing I kept on wondering for weeks after returning home was, "would I ever be able to do such thing, without India42". Actually No.. Lying in desert, with 40 unknown people, on Christmas Eve, all you can see was just the infinite sky and the sand.. It's not everyday one get to spend the night like this (Atleast never with family) It was bit scary in the start but somehow, with time, we get to know the desert, it's nature. And it's the memory for life..

More than the place, it was amazing to know altogether new people, where no one was judging you, or making perceptions of you. Everyone was there for that "connect" with oneself.

And how can one miss the crazy stories of India42; how bus driver almost took them to Kasauli instead of Kasol, and the people who never met before in life, start wondering, why didn't they met before..

Photo of Rooftop & Flipflop 2/3 by Heena Raheja

Money, jobs, lifestyle, does matter, but above than that, according to me, the "connect" is everything. Connect with oneself, Nature.

Travel gives real-time goals, it's a therapy, a relief. It gives you stories to tell to your grandkids. (One should at least have 10 major stories to tell).

India42 People say "iss trip pe kuch bhi ho sakta hai"

These people are making a difference in life of many, though in a "disguised" way.

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