Scintillating Santorini...

26th May 2018
Photo of Scintillating Santorini... by Deepshikha

If you have ever watched Bollywood movies like Bang-Bang or Chalte-Chalte with a beautiful eye catching panoramic view, you will be able to understand the beauty Santorini has to offer. This place indeed has been one of the mesmerising spots I have ever explored. Santorini happens to be one of the most popular destinations which one explores after coming to Greece. After the successful trip to Athens, we boarded an early flight to Santorini.

Photo of Santorini, Greece by Deepshikha
Day 1

Our day started quite early at Imerovigli. We had a room reservation from 2 Pm but we landed up there at early 6am. After reaching the reception, we met the owner of Merovigla Studios who was very hospitable and friendly. Although, the room wasn't available till 11Am, he entertained us and gave us a fair idea about the place. He circled all the tourist spots for us and guided us for our day. Not only this, he called a person for renting a quad so that we could explore the place on our own. After renting the quad, we commenced our journey and landed up to have our breakfast.After the breakfast, we reached our hotel. The room was then set for us and after getting ready we decided to explore the important places in Santorini. Our room had an amazing breath taking view from its terrace where we clicked beautiful pictures.

Photo of Merovigla Studios, Imerovigli, Greece by Deepshikha

After having lunch, we decided to explore the red beach. On the way to the Red beach we lost our way and landed to the Santorini Harbour. This was the port which large ships rested at the docks. From there we again headed towards the Red beach. Here we went all the way to get the feel of the red soil and the fresh water.

Post the red beach we decided to explore the Black beach. This was also one of the most popular beaches of Santorini. This is also known as the Kamari beach. By the time we reached Kamari beach, it was a pleasant evening. At around 7:30 Pm we set out to hunt places for dinner. After wandering and riding for about one hour we landed in one of the most authentic restaurants at Kamari which was the Dimitris restaurant.

Photo of Kamari Beach, Παναγίας Μυρτιδιωτίσσης, Kamari, Greece by Deepshikha

This is the place where we not only had the authentic greek cuisine but also saw the traditional plate breaking dance. The artists were highly pepped up and presented different ways of dancing. Here we also had the fresh sea food which included anchovies and other small variety of fishes.

Day 2
Photo of Fira, Greece by Deepshikha

Our day started with hanging out at the capital of Santorini. There were cafes, bars, restaurants, all with views and some with several levels of patios and balconies. We also then decided to do cruise which would take us to the active Volcanic beach and the hot springs. We started our journey on the local public ship.

Photo of Perissa Black Sand Beach, Perissa, Greece by Deepshikha

In middle of the waters, they opened the deck of their ship and people who were interested could swim to the hot springs. The water in the hot springs was due to the active volcano. We then landed on the volcanic beach. It was thrilling experience to see steams and few fumes coming out. After that we again headed towards Thira/Fira.

This was the place where we had our lunch at the rooftop Chinese restaurant. On the way back, we went to witness one of the most exquisite spots for sunset which is Oia. Oia also served the Donkey beer which is supposed to be the signature beer of Santorini. This was the place where in we saw the beautiful blue dome structure which one recollects whenever we talk about Greece.

We then rented a car to Athens. On the way back, we were also stopped by cops and they checked us for drink and drive. However, we had a wild escape. We reached the Mont Parnes where we visited Regency Casino on the hill top. We reached there by cable car in middle of the night. We lost during the games but it was a fun experience going there which made the journey worthwhile.  The next day morning while driving we shared the common road which was shared by the runway for flights. 

Overall, it was a magical and a relaxing trip with lots of fun activities and exploring all the scenic beauty which we watch in movies. It felt like as though we entered a beautiful wallpaper.