Shooting Your First Travel Video? Read This First

Photo of Shooting Your First Travel Video? Read This First by Ali Mohsin Shaikh

So recently i decided to start my own Youtube channel and post regular video most of which will be travel related videos. At first i had many thoughts about it in my mind and i want to clear it out for others who are going to start soon.

Is Shooting A Video Easy ?

Being a editor myself and worked on many shoots i though it will be easy to shoot a vlog but its definitely is not. Though its also not that hard. All depends on your experience and you are going to find it easy as you continue making new videos. So dont worry, start making video and go with the flow, you content will start improving with time.


Without a doubt if you are starting new, the most easily accessible camera is your Mobile phone. Most of the new smartphone have a decent video camera. As you progress you can move on to a DSLR.


Dont worry for the audio if you are starting new but just be caution that the sound comes good and there is no background noise. You can also use a Rode mic or Wire mic to up your game.


After shooting the next thing to come in mind is Editing. Again as a new user you can use any free editing software. But if you know editing or if you want to go to the next level try Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut as they are best in the market.


Lighting is one of the most important thing which can dramatically change your video quality. If you can buy light its good or you can just use the natural light but just be aware that there is good amount of natural light in the room and if you are shooting outside in morning then its good anyway.


The only thing which can make you video popular is your content. It should be interesting to the viewers. Also it will be good if you provide information in you video. Dont keep the content too short or long just hit the sweet spot.


Consistency is what which which help your channel to reach most of the audience. Youtube pushes channel who post regular content. So be consistence and you can post like 2 videos per week.

Also posting the first vlog of my channel below.