Adventurous Bike Trip - Kodaikanal

4th Jun 2019

View from Mahalaxmi Temple near Poombarai

Photo of Adventurous Bike Trip - Kodaikanal by Travel Bird
Day 1

Kodaikanal to Mannavanur Village.

It's a life time memorable experience which I had during the trip.

Stunning view and climate of Poombarai Village

Photo of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India by Travel Bird

Misty and cool bike ride

Photo of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India by Travel Bird

View from Mahalaksmi temple and there are few shops for refreshments

Photo of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India by Travel Bird

Stunning view point of Mannavanur village

Photo of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India by Travel Bird

When me and brother decided to visit Mannavanur, I thought it will have a good view point but to my surprise  it was a paradise. I felt that this place is not in India. It's like a place in Switzerland or Europe.
It's a valley where mountains surrounded by side.
I highly recommend you all to visit Mannavanur once if you go to Kodaikanal.

The road conditions is good and it's very narrow and have many curves. A small mistake can lead to big disaster. We need to be careful and cautious while driving. Maintaining moderate speed is the key to drive safely and prevent accidents.

You can find Mahalaksmi temple in the way to Poombarai Village. You can visit the temple where Indian goddess, who gives wealth to people.
Few shops are around the temple.
We had hot tea and bread omelette after visiting the temple.  You can fruit salad, 🌽 Corn and chat items
If you go by bus also they will stop near the temple.

Near the temple, they are building Villas with view point.  If you feel to stay then that's the best place with a good view.

The Scenic view of Poombarai Village, its an amazing place to visit and the people , food, flora and fauna. Wonderful and stunning landscape and the fresh vegetables and fruits from the farms. Clean air and no pollution. Worth to visit

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