Solo trip to Singapore

26th Jul 2015
Photo of Solo trip to Singapore 1/2 by Deborah Preethi
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Photo of Solo trip to Singapore 2/2 by Deborah Preethi

My flight was scheduled to leave on 25th midnight and reach Singapore on 25th morning. The travel agent asked me to wait one more day as he informed that he rescheduled or whatever bull he was trying to say. My friend Amber and I kept waiting for the tickets. It didn't come to us for 26th midnight either.

At about 9:30 pm on 26th we realised that we weren't going to get the tickets as he started speaking about refund. I don't have another holiday before my big 30. I had to use this time to travel. We were under lot of stress. I was losing faith but I said, "God, the travel agent is not in control of my life. You're in control of my life. You ordain my steps".

About 10pm, I asked my friend in a far away country to book the ticket for me that's from Chennai to Singapore and back to Chennai. In about 5 mins, I got my tickets!!!!! I booked a taxi to the bus station and then from the bus station, I took a bus from Bangalore to Chennai koyembedu. I reached at around 6:30 am. Took another bus to the airport and reached by 7:30. Got the boarding pass at 8:30, boarded the flight!

From 7:30, I had made a new friend, an aunty, Mary, she was traveling by herself to her son's place.

Apparently, her son runs one of the best veg Indian restaurants in Singapore, called Ananda bhavan. When we reached the airport, they bought me dosa and coffee. It was so good. Then they dropped me off at my friend's place were I was staying. My friend and her family made me very comfortable with their kind gestures.

Took an MRT to Jurong east. Went to Mc D!! Ate double cheese burger and drank iced milo!!! Yummmm back to MRT, went to the botanical gardens. It was HUGE!!! Beautiful place!!! It is one of the UNESCO heritage sites. Orchid garden was a highlight!! I love with Orchids! Saw all the different types of garden. Enjoyed the greenery, sound of the trees moving in the wind and the beautiful blue sky! Found a cute quiet to eat and watched a few little birds walk. Almost evening and I decided to go see the sea! Went to the bay front! Made a friend on the way. It was beautiful. It was sunset. The water shimmered and it was mesmerising! I sat and watched for a while and then started back home.

The new friends I made dropped me back home after a great dinner at Newton's food court/area. Tried Hookien mee (Singaporean noodles), sting ray fry, buttered prawns, chilli beef, seafood fried rice. We went to the Gardens by the bay- flower dome and forest dome. Loved the forest some view totally! Very well simulated' the rhapsody of the super trees made me feel like a character inside the Disney movie. Hahaha! The walk back to MRT from the gardens is priceless. 360 degree view of the skyline with the night lights!! It's called the dragon fly bridge! Before that I visited the Little India and Farer Park and shopped around a bit. Started off the day by visiting the Singapore Art Museum.

I should say, God, thank You for your mercies that endure forever.

First time felt the outright indifferent behaviour at the city tour pass counter. No worries. I shall appreciate all the nice people even more.

Picked up my pass for underwater world and night safari

Eating a newyork cheese cake doughnut .. Hmmm feeling much better! Hehe

At the under water world - dolphin lagoon - watching these beautiful creatures

At Silosa beach opp to under water world! Why do I feel that it's a secretly kept beach? White sand and blue water!! Reflection time!

Walked in the water, felt the waves. Sat and relaxed and walked out back to the dolphin lagoon.

Praying and giving everything in my mind to God. I plan to go by the cable car to the merlion station after the dolphin show.

ATLAST I feel like I've slowed time down. 1 minute feels like half hour!!!

Photo of Merlion Singapore by Deborah Preethi
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