The best escape in mountains: Nainital

Photo of The best escape in mountains: Nainital by Kunal Arora
Photo of The best escape in mountains: Nainital by Kunal Arora
Photo of The best escape in mountains: Nainital by Kunal Arora
Photo of The best escape in mountains: Nainital by Kunal Arora

Mountains have always been a great way to escape from the hectic pace of life and enjoy the serene beauty submerged in peace and calmness.  Nainital, the city of lakes has always been on the top of my list whenever I need a break from the daily routine. The place looks bewitching in all the seasons but during rains it gets into real divinity. Filled with greenery and fresh aroma, it can make you high instantly.

I started my trip by boarding the train from Gurgaon to Haldwani and then followed with the bus journey for almost 50 kilometers. I stepped down in front of the Naini Lake which was covered with the dense fog and there were very few people out there in the morning. The journey in between is filled with extreme scenic beauty and lush green mountains.

The market opens late in the winters as there are fewer travelers at that time but you can roam around the Naini Lake around which the whole city is centered. It is the communion of many religions as there is Naina Devi Temple at the North shore because of which the city has got its name, a mosque where Azaan makes the whole ambience enchanting, a Gurudwara where sikhs worship; all three are situated on the bank of lake. I could see the same love on every face coming out from all three places of worship, religions don’t discriminate here.

The best part about travelling solo in Nainital is, you get to see your real self coming out in play with nature. There are many places where you can hangout alone and stay for a long time. Thandi Sadak is opposite to the market and almost isolated from the city where you can seek refuge from the hustle and lead to your inner self. The trees are so dense that no sunrays fall on the ground because of which it has got its name.

Most of the tourist spots include the lakes, snow view points, mountain peaks where you have a glimpse of the whole city but I prefer to visit the faraway places where the scenic beauty is mesmerizing. You have to hire a taxi for Mukteshwar Temple where you will cross the dark forest on the way and it is really worth moving into the darkness for few minutes to experience chilled weather but beware as there are many wild animals out there. Near Mukteshare Temple, which is known for its history linked to Pandavas, there is an emerging cliff at the back of the temple where people sit and embrace a great view of complete mountain range.

On the way back, you can go for Paragliding in Naukuchital, the price is really genuine and you can experience a fun filled adventure. The flight lasts from 1-7 minutes depending on the drift of the wind and the expert gliders will help you throughout the flight.

The city sleeps early and the restaurants are closed by 10 but still you can put your shoes on for the silent walk in the market to have tea from the roadside. There is complete beauty in Nainital and you will find yourself in a new avatar after you are with your trip.

History goes back to pandavas, amazing scenic beauty at the back of the temple.
Great spot for Paragliding and that too at genuine price.
Indulge in your real self as the place is free from the hustle of the markets and traffic.
Place for boating in serene environment.
Connects you to the divine experience.