The Bombay diaries #1

1st Mar 2015

Do yourself a favour and on a Sunday or any other random day,  just get on to the local train or bus,  get off at a random station and GET LOST!  Literally!  It's amazing! 

I did that on a random Sunday in March.  It was a date with myself.  One of the best dates that I've been on for sure.  Sirf main,  mere headphones,  phone camera aur tanhaai!  
Khotachi Wadi is an old Portuguese Street in Bombay.  The colours,  textures and vibe of the place is something else.  While wandering around,  I came across this super quirky house which literally was a mini chor bazaar in itself.  The nice owner dude invited me into his colourful courtyard for me to take better shots of his little mad world.  Here are some of the shots that I took on my date with Bombay.  
Happy Travels!