THE INCREDABLE KOHOJ                                         

Photo of THE INCREDABLE KOHOJ 1/6 by Chirag Waghela

The fort is said to be about 800 years old and finds a mention in the Purandar treaty along with 22 other forts which were surrendered by Shivaji Maharaj to the Mughals on 11 June 1665. It was also an important fort for keeping a look on the nearby coast and thus to keep the territory safe and secure.

I went on a trek to kohoj with my friends in monsoon. I stared my trip from Andheri we took a bus at Morning 5am. All bag packed with water bottles, food, and some extra pair of clothes.

We had a heavy breakfast that morning because once you reach at the base there is hardly anything you'll get to eat but there are washrooms where you can get fresh up and start trekking.

Photo of THE INCREDABLE KOHOJ 2/6 by Chirag Waghela

At the start of the trek you'll see this beautiful lake and the name of the lake is "Pazhar"

In monsoon the lake looks amazing and foggy. As we move forward after lake the whole way to reach At the top is from jungle so you'll see some insects, reptiles and other animals. It's a little risky to go in monsoon but anyway its worth to see the beauty of nature from the top so lets move forward.

Photo of THE INCREDABLE KOHOJ 3/6 by Chirag Waghela

I found a dragonfly eating a butterfly you'll see a lot of these things one you entered this amazing nature we were capturing photos but keep one thing in mind while you go on a trek always keep silence don't shout whenever you see something or while walking also more you keep the silence the more you'll get to see insects some amazing birds and animals.

At the start of the trek we are all were excited and enjoying but as we were moving up we started getting exhausted so there's one tip while trekking don't move too fast just normal speed and don't drink too much water as you can get stomach pain but you can eat some chocolates so you'll get energetic.

Photo of THE INCREDABLE KOHOJ 4/6 by Chirag Waghela

The most amazing thing in this trek is waterfall. we all were exhausted but while moving forward we heard the sound of waterfall we got some energy and then we took a small break at the waterfall you can fill up your water bottles there. As the rain water is fresh. We filled up our water bottles and started moving forward.

We heard all the chirpings of the birds and silently walking forward observing the nature and the experience was soo good.

Photo of THE INCREDABLE KOHOJ 5/6 by Chirag Waghela

We reached halfway looking at the view from halfway its so peace just you and nature no problems nothing comes between you two find yourself here where you lost in the city. Explore yourself take a Short break with nature.

We were sitting over there eating some chocolates and enjoying the view all cloudy and windy just close your eyes and feel the fresh wind.

Photo of THE INCREDABLE KOHOJ 6/6 by Chirag Waghela

The View From The Top

We reached at the top the view was sensational as you can see the clouds and all green mountains

When we reached I was just lying on the grass feeling the wind and telling each other finally we did it.

And after sometime rain started falling and that's what we wanted from so long and finally it rained.

There’s nothing quite like an adventure in the mountains, being surrounded by nature’s giants. The achievement of reaching the summit, the epic views along the way, the feeling of weightlessness as you ski down, the sense of awe as you are immersed amongst the wilderness. The mountains have the ability to conjure up our most primal emotions and feelings.

It is, therefore, no surprise that life is often compared to the mountains, with its many ups and downs and challenges.