Tips for Buying a Traveling Pack and Play

2nd Apr 2017

Going on a trip with your youngsters can be a lot of fun, but only when you are fully prepared. While some hotels and motels have pretty comfortable beds, they are not always safe enough for baby to sleep on. Having a high-quality Pack and Play is important in times like these, lest you end up having to sleep your little one on the floor (which is downright unacceptable in some places). What you need are some tips for buying a traveling Pack and Play, because safety and comfort are essential to having a good trip.

Seize the Size

If you are unable to carry the traveling Pack and Play with you, then what is the point of it being portable in the first place? The size of the Pack and Play you choose really matters, especially when traveling. First of all, it needs to fit into your trunk without taking up too much space. Secondly, it should be lightweight and easy to pick up. However, the size of the Pack and Play you choose should never compromise its quality and security.

Consider the Compactness

A lot of traveling Pack and Play beds are designed to fold down in order to fit into very small spaces. They are made to be compact and portable, and that is exactly what you should look for. Be sure to check that the Pack and Play you like has all the necessary components included, as some require buyers to purchase accessories before the Pack and Play can be used comfortably. Just don’t forget that compactness should not be substituted for quality.

Research for Recalls

In the meantime, you should be researching to see if the brand or model of Pack and Play you like has had any recent recalls. Cross reference the items number with a quick Google search to find out what you need to know. This information is not ready put on the labels of products, so it is up to you to figure it out. At the end of the day, it is your child’s safety that is at risk so do your homework.

Is the Price Right?

Some Pack and Play manufacturers seem to forget that parents are usually on a tight budget. After purchasing one of those expensive Pack and Plays, some people have little money left for the trip itself. While there are by incentives offered by almost every Pack and Play manufacturer out there, it is still necessary to look around. There is plenty of competition, so you more or less get to pick and choose at your leisure.

How Does It Look?

Perhaps the last concern you have is how the Pack and Play looks, but then again it could matter quite a bit. Either way is fine. Whatever your list consists of, finding a good Pack and Play that looks amazingly high-end is something lots of parents desire. Be sure to consider how the Pack and Play you choose looks when coordinated with your other luggage. You do not have to buy something that looks like a baby bed, but instead, can find something chic and modern that is just as safe and secure.