Tokyo City Diary

3rd Jun 2019


Photo of Tokyo City Diary by Thegaudiyatraveller
Day 1

For all the fellow Indian Traveller, It's my suggestion do carry Japanese Yen or Dollars or Bank cards for any kind of transactions. The most important thing is Japan does not allow Indian INR at any place not even the money exchange of the airports. From my experience I can tell you all is be cautious about this matter if you are an Indian or carrying any INR.

I roamed about the city of Tokyo , bank to bank and couldn't find any help. Lastly on the day 5 I met a random Indian at the Tokyo Sky Tree who helped me with this matter and I lived in Tokyo for the next 2 days of my trip.

Day 2

Mostly tiring day it was. From my previous posts I hope everyone knows now that I am a classical dancer by profession and passion too. So this day I had my rehersal for my Show at Nishiarai Cultural Hall. My hotel COCO Grand was situated at Kitasenju Metro Station. I took metro from Kitasenju to Nishiarai through JR Jobar Line. The whole day I met many new people from different countries throughout the world.

Day 3

First day I tried Ramen. The most comfort food I would mention. Also it tastes the best. I choose a Ramen shop situated just opposite to the Nishiarai Cultural Hall Entry 1. The most interesting point here is Japan has non-smoking areas separate in the restaurants whereas India has just the opposite. I was very overwhelmed my their behaviour and the taste of the food. Well I wanted to spend more time. But I couldn't,as I had my show today. And it was tremendous. After my show I directly went to the Shibuya Crossing where I took one of my famous photo .

Photo of Tokyo, Japan by Thegaudiyatraveller
Day 4

My day started with the trip to Sensoji Temple and it's surrounding areas. It's a very nice place to visit. You can even try wearing Kimono and take photographs there. Also most interesting is you will find the origin of Hand pulled Rickshaw which is still found in some areas of old Kolkata. They have many rituals. Like the swastik symbol, the 10 virtues of KO, Lucky sticks and many more. Also you can check out the shops that are situated just in allingment through the entry gate.

Day 5

One more interesting fact about Tokyo is It rains in the weekends. You will find it's rainy during Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So my suggestion is plan your trip accordingly and enjoy the lovely city and don't forget to carry a Umbrella wherever you go also Bring some enormous umbrellas as a gift for your loved ones from Japan.

Photo of Tokyo, Japan by Thegaudiyatraveller