Travelling to Kashmir in winters? Some Do's and Don'ts

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With winters picking up in North, the travelers seem to be excited to travel to some gorgeous winter destinations. Beating the idea of cold waves, low temperature the travelers look forward to visit these destinations for various reasons. Two reasons look obvious to me; one, economics of travelling in off season and two, experience snow. While you would have already booked your tickets and planned your tour, I thought of helping you with some quick tips to protect your holiday from being spoiled.

Rule one: Book hotels that facilitate room heating

Numerous times we have seen that in a rush to book economical packages, travelers tend to overlook the cost- i.e., the cost of a cold stay. Whether you book your accommodation through agents or online, just make sure that your plan includes proper heating facility. Trust me, you are never going to come back after this horrible winter experience.

Rule Two: Avoid travelling by public transport

Reason why I find this important to mention is because the travelers who don’t pre-book their tours often end up travelling by public or shared transport. While it is interesting to have this experience if you have enough time but certainly not during winters. There are other reasons why I do not recommend public transport on your tour; one, you might get lost if you have no sense of routing and two, you might freeze yourself since you won’t have liberty to shut all the doors and windows.

Rule Three: Pick super deluxe house boats even if you are on economy package

This one is especially for those travelling to Kashmir. Everyone knows that the house boat stay makes one of the best memories on Kashmir tour. It certainly is, provided you take care of this small tip. In Kashmir, you have plenty of house boats to choose from different price ranges. But you need to understand that the house boats are made stand in the lake that is surrounded by mountains from all sides. That means, house boats will be colder than the hotels. But let it not refrain yourself from experiencing that. Instead, choose a house boat that is Super Deluxe category which facilitates central heating. All that will be available at reasonable prices.

Rule Four: Clothing

This one is quite basic but with a catch. When you are travelling to the destinations like Kashmir, you’ll have an impression that winter clothes will be better and cheaper. Well, not always true! Remember you are going to buy from a tourist place and the tourist rates will apply. Second, nothing can be better than getting your own branded shoes and jackets. Do not rent them unless you want to make a hole in your pocket or have a charitable heart.

Rule Five: Food

Eat what locals prefer eating in winters. For example, take Kashmiri Kehva instead of other tea. This will keep you warmer and also is a nice remedy for cold and cough. Eat nuts. It is recommended to buy good quality walnuts from the market. Avoid cool drinks or too many fruits.

Rule Six: Carry basic medicines along

To prevent the risk of buying duplicate medicines, it is advised that you carry basic or your regular medicines along. Stay healthy to create better memories of your tour.

Happy Holidaying!

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