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4th Apr 2013

right outside

Photo of right outside by Chayanika Moulik

kung fu pandaah

Photo of kung fu pandaah by Chayanika Moulik

i look like a minion

Photo of i look like a minion by Chayanika Moulik

all in the family

Photo of all in the family by Chayanika Moulik

new york taxi

Photo of new york taxi by Chayanika Moulik


Photo of madagascar by Chayanika Moulik

pumpin' up

Photo of pumpin' up by Chayanika Moulik

I haven't been to any of the other Universal Studios, and this was my visit to an adventure park in a long time. Me and my husband spend an entire day here and we were left asking for more. Firstly, once you enter this place be prepared to wait at long queues. Secondly, be prepared to be awestruck by the numerous wonders that would make it feel worth the wait! 

A day isn't enough to explore each every corner but the things that are not to be missed are, well, everything. I personally loved the transformers ride at sci-fi city and the mummy ride in the Egypt area. The cyclone ride is a 360 degree roller caster and is strictly for the daring ones. It's very difficult to pick and choose the best sections, as one is better than the other. We ended our journey at Shrek's castle watching the 4D show and we felt the more time you spend here, it only gets better. I got to get up, close and personal with a few of the stars, like shrek and fiona, puss in boots, kung fu panda and mary poppins. My advice, if you are in Singapore, head straight to Sentosa, into the Universal Studios.

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Photo of Priya I. Mandal
Priya I. Mandal
Brilliant! Your description makes the place top the chart of my must-go places.
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