What are you looking for?

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Let the life decide what would you see next!!

I want to ask you a question, why are reading this page? what do you think you will gain?  Some five great getaways? or 10 ways to travel light? or Some secret of an exotic place your friends had been talking endlessly and you want to smart them out? or the best weekend trail around your city? Nope, you wont, So you can stop reading if thats the idea. 

Then what am I going to tell you? Nothing.

Its you who will tell me this time around. Yup, thats right. Seriously why do you look for things like what should you carry around? or what five place you must go? There are none. If you don't put a selfie with that one important landmark, nothing will lost. Hell, if you dont carry your camera/phone nothing will be lost, there are other ways to record your experiences. 

Travelling has been one the most pursued endeavour and I see most happy people had actually never planned anything. It just happened to them. people who normally go to lengths to plan their journey are people most return with dissatisfaction or the feeling of not being it complete, exhausted, tired for various reasons. Lets see, what make travel fun or not-so-fun:

1. Planning : You are working professional or a student your life has already been planned by the institutions/organisation you are associated with. In terms your times are fixed in term of reaching office or leaving it or both. Even if you have flexi time schedule or work from home,  chances are you are mixing your work in everything you do. So its time to not plan for every detail of your journey which you are going to take for unwinding and not for submitting one more report. macro planning will have to be done for ticket etc but deciding every nook and corner for taking a nap is big no no. Just go and explore.would not you like it?

2. Itinerary and sight seeing : We Indians specially has this cover-it-all-syndrome but we forget we are not on a dead line and it is not important to cover all the places but to enjoy yourself where ever you go. In covering all, you loose the relax feeling you should be having while being a relaxation trip. So what if you are not going to that one place all your facebook friends have taken selfies and said is fabulous. It is ok to not go there and be. Have some time to yourself and not think anything at all. Is not it you always wanted to do?

3. Place : You have decided to go for a brake and you are going to spend probably 4 to 6 figure money for that and you don't even have famous place's name to flaunt around, thats not fair? not worth? The idea itself is like what are you talking about? Well, it is probably time to just get behind the wheel and take a long drive and knock on a unknown door for night stay. It is important to be creative to relax yourself and you never know, it might turn out a riot of fun, which you never imagined. Wanna try it?

4. Budget: If you just want to book a three to five star hotel, go and relax on pool side, your home town might not be bad idea why book air tickets and waste loads of money, not that you don't have that but still. Staying at a unusual place might be little bothersome at times but you can have most exhilarating experience of your life time. So when are you going to have fun like this?

5. Heart: Listening to your heart is most important thing which you normally avoid. Give it a chance, to be heard and to be accepted. If it ask you to stop then stop and if it say you to walk. Trust your heart. Its wonderful feeling. 

So now get, set and relax.........enjoy the life, enjoy your travel!!

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