Eight Must Dos for solo Female travellers!

6th Nov 2014
Photo of Eight Must Dos for solo Female travellers! 1/1 by Shikohi Agarwal

1. Travel light: I am sure you love those pink pumps, that new jumpsuit and all of your shrugs, but girls, get a grip! Don’t pack in anything that you know, you won’t really need. Packing for “What if I need it” is generally a bad idea. Tell yourself, It will leave room for that much extra shopping ;)

2. Pack Smart:  It’s very important to pack in certain essentials we often tend to forget in the last minute rush. Umbrellas? Pad locks for hostel lockers? Converters?  Sunshades? Make a list and try to keep your essentials kit prepared in advance! It will save you from avoidable running around in foreign land (and some money of course!)

3. Be informed: Getting unneeded attention is generally not on our travel lists. So girls, be informed. If a church doesn’t allow women wearing skirts or city’s cultural norms require you to cover your head with a scarf- dress accordingly. Sticking to “If in Rome” philosophy generally helps.

4. Keep People informed: While you may want to disconnect from Social media and office emails (du-uh!), communicating your travel plans and location to someone is a good idea. It makes it that much easier to ask for help, if and when required.

5. Be sensible: Keep your wits about you. Avoid carrying too much of cash, use plastic money. Wear comfortable footwear that allows you to run if required. Carry a sturdy strong bag and not a flimsy thing that can be snatched or broken easily. Partying is obviously fun but getting drunk with people you just met is probably not the best idea. Holding on to common sense is always advisable.

6. Be confident, not nice: Most women try to be polite and nice to new people. Speaking from personal experience, Men often confuse politeness for quite a few other things. Be confident and to the point. Obviously, once you know people you can get back to being your usual nice selves.

7. Pamper yourself: You would be away from family and friends. You would be away from your favorite food and your bed. You would be away from your regular dose of hugs and kisses .So Girls, Make sure you don’t forget to pamper yourselves while travelling. Go to that Spa and take that massage. Indulge in that extra ice cream without caring about the calories. Buy that dress or those earrings! It’s YOU time after all J

8. Just Relax: Being women, worrying about ten things together (nine of which are probably never even going to happen) is second nature to us. Solo travel requires you to be in charge of quite a few things – the next meal, the next bus/train/plane, the next room booking. It can get a little overwhelming at times –BUT! It’s important to remind yourself you are there to have fun! Take a deep breath, smile that killer smile and Go get’em girls!