What is like to travel on Monday


We all admit the fact that Monday, the day coming after Saturday and Sunday sucks our energy. We all have to face Monday and with this, there is no other option to skip our college or work. I myself have overcome Monday every week and I have realized the fact that we all live only on Weekends.

So I have decided on why not I travel on Monday to see Monday on a different perspective. in which you will get an idea of how travelling on Monday looks like.

Where I travelled to: Kodaikanal, my 23rd city

The day before Monday

I packed my bags and set out to leave for Kodaikanal from Bangalore to catch the train at 9 pm. While on my way to the railway station, Bangalore looked deserted with fewer people coming out in the night. Despite not getting a seat in the city’s metro, it didn’t look much crowded. Once I reached the railway station, It was full of crowds especially employees, who are leaving their home town as the weekend has ended and are rushing back to work tomorrow. I felt pity for them and then I boarded the train.

Crucial Monday experience

once my bus climbed at the top of the hills I was so mesmerized with the view of hills that I lost all my Monday blues. Yes, I lost the fact that today is Monday. This not only made me feel delighted that my Monday blues are gone but also it is the 2nd time in this year I’m enjoying Monday which was preceded by the festivals like Navarathri and Diwali, where the festivals landed on Monday.

I didn’t explore much of its places today, but on the way to the sightseeing spots, the road was filled with beautiful pine forests, villages resting at the top of the hills which looked like the one in Peru’s Machu Pichu. My driver who was born and brought up in Kodaikanal told me that agriculture and tourism are the 2 main occupations for the residents staying here and they have a habit on cultivating freshly grown fruits and vegetables directly from the field with no adulteration.

Resident’s opinion on Living on Mondays

Coming back to my Monday story, I asked my driver and the receptionist at my Zostel accommodation on how they feel about working on Monday. Their reply was very obvious, Friday to Sunday are the busiest days of the week as many tourists visit Kodaikanal on weekends and the rest of the days are either less or no tourists visiting here.

Opinion about my fellow travellers about travelling on Monday.

My fellow travellers’ opinion about travelling on Monday surprised me. They gave a positive review of travelling on Mondays. Their opinion was that on Monday, the sightseeing spots are least crowded, you get discounted cab fare and have more flexible options to explore the city in brief.

Final note:

It was an adventurous experience in travelling on a Monday, it makes me realize that one should not live on weekends and festivals and live every day, as the saying goes “ you don’t need a new year to change your life, all you need Is a new Monday”. With this inspiration, I’m excited to get back home and plan to make every Monday special.

Happy Monday :)