What's more in Prashar Lake, have a look

1st Jan 2020


Photo of What's more in Prashar Lake, have a look by TraveLo
Day 2

I never liked monotony in my life. After reaching to Prashar Lake, we had two days in our bucket as we were to spend the next two days there itself. Prashar lake was all crowded with people and totally messed. So, I kept moving further for about three kilometres from Prashar lake to see what’s up there. Another reason to explore that area was to climb up to the peak next to the lake from the back side which looked easier but was the most difficult to do as the snow was upto 3,4 feet at some points. Climbing up from the front was even more difficult as the snow had settled by people and it was too slippery. The hike was really fun and also risk as no body knew that we were here. The view from the top was spectacular 360 of the whole range. All covered in while magical snow.

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