Why you should ditch tour Packages And plan by your own

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Now a days travel packages are so much trending that we never thought of actually planning our own trip by ourselves and unknowingly we are missing out a whole lot of things.

Recently I completed my self-planned Euro trip and I must tell you, the trip was fun, convenient, and cheap and stress free.

It is always easy to just choose a travel package, pay your tour organizer and skip all the hustle and just start your trip. But if you plan your trip by yourself and do all the bookings, prepare all your itinerary and then start your trip it is always more exciting and I am guaranty you that you will be thrilled all the time.

So let's discuss what are the pros and cons of tour packages -

If you go on a package-

If you are taking package you can simply choose the package as per your choice pay the money and you don't have to think of anything. Overall cost depends on the trip organizer. Everything will be arranged by the trip organizer. The moment you land in your destination you will get all the necessary things. From Hotel to Food and transport will be arranged by the tour agencies. You do activities based on the package. You will travel with a group people to some pre-selected sightseeing places. You will be back as per the selected itinerary.

If you didn't go on a package -

You are planning your trip all by yourself. Overall cost depends on you. You are selecting your travel dates based on your time. You are booking accommodation based on your choice. Since nothing is pre decided you can do whatever you want. You can choose your own mode of transport. You can have food of your own choice. You meet new people, you make new friends. You can decide your own itinerary. And last but not the least if you want to stay back for some more days, you can definitely do that, no one is going to stop you.

So as you can see planning your trip by yourself means you can explore the place more, you can have a better experience of everything , food, transport ,people what not. And if you just travelling for be in the hotel and simply doing nothing, then there is no point to travel only.

At the end of the trip not only you will be happy but also you can save hell lot of money.

So yea, I prefer planning my trip all by myself, hope you will also give it a thought to.

Thank you for reading and happy travelling !!!!