You have to ignite your own spark!

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Image Courtesy: A Tourist in Rajasthan

Embracing solitude on a solo trip can be absolutely rejuvenating. Sometimes don't plan everything, you will learn and slowly gain confidence. When you travel alone, you will not only explore, but learn a lot about yourself, and this itself is an incredible experience!

Understanding on any level does not develop in a day; it takes time, all you have to do is keep breathing calmly.

Wisdom is directly proportional to your setbacks and the power of your overcoming!

So, What's my experience as a Solo Traveler?

1. When you meet new people and listen to their life stories, it helps you to think from a new perception.

2. The real-life 'challenges' can only be experienced when you are out there.

3. This depth of understanding is an essence which makes you wiser.

4. A new place can be a life-changing moment when you will connect the "dots of your thoughts".

First of all, travelling is not about planning the most famous destinations, you can make it a multi-place adventure.

Secondly, travel with a purpose will create a spark, but without it, nothing will prosper within you.

If you have a purpose:

- Fix a budget,

- Navigate your place and

- Plan a short trip.

Photo of You have to ignite your own spark! 2/2 by Patrick Rajput
Image Courtesy: A Tourist

"No matter where you go and what you do, it will change you because you have a clear purpose"

If you want any information or have queries regarding travel, place or budget, just message me. In the mean time, stay tuned for upcoming blogs and experiences!

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