Next time you go to Turkey, don't miss breakfast!

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Many ingredients are bred from the land of Turkey, and there are also many local specialties, plus unlimited refills of Turkish Black Sea local black tea, plus the sense of ritual of having a good meal with your favorite people, it creates "Turkish breakfast" culture!

"Eating" is an element that is increasingly valued in modern travel, and many people travel far for "eating" rather than attractions. One thing that self-confessed foodies can easily miss in Turkey is to have a "real" Turkish breakfast!

Classic "Turkish Breakfast"

For Turks, breakfast is actually very important, and usually eat something casual when rushing to work, but as long as they have time (at least one morning) to go with friends or family, breakfast stalls are a popular choice. The spirit of Turkish breakfast is human communication, and a serious breakfast can take hours, just like we know about brunch – eating and talking.

The biggest feature of the classic Turkish breakfast is that the table is very full. It is called "serpme kahvaltı". We translated it into "full breakfast" without authorization, which means very extravagant! There are dishes of dazzling ingredients. The more people there are, the more dishes will be served. I thought it was a royal meal. If you don’t believe me, you can look at the following list. These may appear in any region:

Basics: Bread (all you can eat), Turkish black tea, raw gherkins, raw tomatoes, pickled olives, cheese, jam, cream, ham, hard-boiled eggs;

Bonus contents: various types of bread, homemade fruit jam, chocolate hazelnut jam, various cheese platters, copper plate egg dishes, honey thick cream (bal kaymak), homemade cold dishes, honeycomb, freshly fried pancakes, fried Rolls, sesame molasses (tahin pekmez), chips, dried fruit, nuts;

Featured Contents:Kahvaltılık sos, Helva.

The aesthetics of most stores may be slightly weaker, but if you are determined to eat, please certify at least a table of this size. If you go to a Turk's house on the weekend, the food should not be inferior!

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Different regions have different breakfast characteristics!

In Turkey, it is often necessary to classify by region. The reason is that the land area is too large and the geographical and climatic conditions are different. Therefore, it is divided into 7 geographical regions. The eating habits and living patterns of each region will also be different. Among the 7 geographical regions, There are also points of sea or inland, and naturally there are differences in the characteristics of diet.


In the western provinces facing the Aegean Sea, the breakfast table will be filled with vegetables, fruits and olive oil. The jam flavors are mostly apricot, orange, sour cherries, figs and mulberries, as well as goat milk and white cheese, fully demonstrating the similarity with the Mediterranean diet.


The gourmet capital in the southeast, it prefers heavy-tasting dishes, and breakfast will be served with the local famous Beyran Çorbası. Belang soup is a long-boiled mutton soup. The mutton and garlic are simmered at high pressure. After that, the mutton is chopped. Add rice, cream, tomato paste, chili powder and pepper and bring to a boil. Season with salt. Known for its spiciness and strong smell. The locals' favorite pistachio pancake (katmer), grilled liver, etc. will also appear on the breakfast table, which is different from other regions.


The breakfast in Van is also famous in Turkey, and there are restaurants in many places that specialize in the breakfast in Van. They have some dishes that are hard to find elsewhere: like hay cheese (otlu peynir); Van çöreği, made with sweetened milk mixed with cream, flour and yeast; heated melted cream, whisked in flour and added The oily custard (murtuğa) mixed with egg liquid; the walnut halva (kavut) and other dishes full of local characteristics are really not easy to see elsewhere.


The Black Sea region is a tea producing area. There are many places that have a different atmosphere from other regions because of the rugged and towering terrain. There are several symbols on the breakfast table: Black Sea cheese paste (mıhlama), fried shallot omelette (kaygana), oil stew Pickles in pods (turşu kavurması), cornbread (mısır ekmeği), and of course the regional cheese and cream here in the Black Sea. As for the high-quality Anzer balı produced on the plateau, it is the wild nectar of the plateau, a Black Sea breakfast full of natural products and characteristics, and it is also the featured choice of many stores.

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