Tracking the Carpathian Mountains

7th Jul 2015
Photo of Tracking the Carpathian Mountains 1/6 by Tad Madsen
Photo of Tracking the Carpathian Mountains 2/6 by Tad Madsen
Photo of Tracking the Carpathian Mountains 3/6 by Tad Madsen
Photo of Tracking the Carpathian Mountains 4/6 by Tad Madsen

Carpathian Mountains
Photo of Tracking the Carpathian Mountains 5/6 by Tad Madsen

The Carpathian Mountains are the second famous in the western Ukraine. Probably you are wondering what they are famous for. I visited the mountains and here is the answer that I can give you. The Carpathian Mountains are the well-known tourist attraction and has popular resorts. I did find the region to attract many tourists, and it was an unforgettable experience. The Carpathian Mountains is a good way to describe how the world should look like, why is that? This is because I toured through the terrain of the mountain as a good harmony between nature and the people living there as shepherds.

The first day of my trip before I could start the ground, I could view the terrain from my guest house. I could see the dotted house of the shepherds in the terrain. The ground did not look so much horrifying, and I was ready to start trekking. I started the hiking at Volovets. From my experience and the guide from the local near the mountain I was able to hike the mountain in two days and we did camp at certain points in our journey. However, unlike me, other tourists could tour the mountain within one day. Luckily I had enough time, and I was on the mountain for adventure.

Photo of Tracking the Carpathian Mountains 6/6 by Tad Madsen

I was to tour the famous Chornogora. It is the most visited place in the Carpathian Mountains. However, I experienced inclement weather in these ranges. The weather is always unpredictable and experienced is extremely windy and likes to shower. At times, the rain showers did blast me up in my first day. However these regions are not secluded and you will find many hikers in these ranges.

However probably you are wondering which Carpathian food I packed? The guesthouse in the Carpathian will make sure that you are fully packed with the borshch food. Other than that I experienced the hospitality of the people of the mountains with their secret cooking. I also ate the VARENYKY which the rural cooked. It was a good experience with the locals of Ukraine.

Although the experience was quite good, I encountered some problems. I was sick for about two days after I embark on the journey. You know how hard is to climb shapeless rocks while trying to get to the peak of the mountain. Well, I did even suffer some hamstring injury making it impossible for me to continue with the track. I was not alone, and many hikers also experienced difficult times during the trekking making the guides look for cars to take them down the mountains.

However, I would suggest that if you know that you can’t make it through trekking more than 100km, then talk to the guesthouse and ask them to provide a touring car. It may be expensive, but it will allow you to visit more places even the national parks within a short period. It was my first time to visit the mountains, but I gained enough knowledge that will enable me to last longer in my second visit. I hope my experience will prepare you before you make your stay.