This Video of Whales Playing Under Northern Lights is the Most Beautiful Thing You'll See All Week


If you find Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) stunning, absolute wonders of nature, then wait till you the breath-taking video of humpback whales swimming under the luminescent green lights.

This footage was shot off the coast of Kvaløya (Whale Island) in Norway was released recently by Norwegian Public Broadcasting. The photographer, Harald Albrigsten was testing photography instruments for efficiency under very dark conditions when he saw the whales swimming and playing around. After noticing their pattern of arriving near the coast, Harald make sure he got a shot which would  be nothing short of magic.

This new video technology is supposed to be revolutionary for aurora shooting, but all I know is that from the moment I hit play, I was spell bound by the magnanimous beauty of nature, and how it is offered to us in such grandiose and tranquil form. Only if we care enough to notice.