Adventure Yoga and More

28th May 2017
Photo of Adventure Yoga and More 1/2 by Sarika

As much as I love teaching, I equally (maybe a little more:))love my long Summer holidays. As eventful as 2017 has been I decide to take a break and head somewhere, just a somewhere and that is when I stumble upon Rishikesh. After a duel with IRCTC I get tickets and after 36 long hours I reach Rishikesh.

Reaching Rishikesh I understand that the mighty ganga is the pulse of this tiny town, anything and everything here is connected to the Ganga, be the “ Ganga Café” the Ganga Ashram or simple the names of the people here. Walking along the Lakshman Jhula, I witness a calm serene flow of water, as I ascend up the mountains towards Devaprayag I see a river humbly taking water down the mountains, a walk on the banks of the river in Devaprayag, the river gushes down taking along anything that is in its way. I am lost, I am unable to find words to describe this river, simply put – The river is an entity in itself,- full of life. People of the town pay obeisance to the mighty river with the Ganga aarti, a sight in itself, people come to the Parmarth niketan and pay respect to the river. This is also a place for those who just want to do nothing but just witness the play for fire and water.

Nestled between the mountains, this town is rustic, authentic and fierce, the town offers to the spiritual, spirituality in many forms, adventure to the adventure to the adrenaline junkies, the beautiful river and the lush mountains to the nature lover.

River Rafting is an amazing experience in the town, with water frothing up from all sides, one has to buck up all he has got to stay on the raft, and follow the instructions given by the guides, after some adventure with the water one gets to experience a little bit of romance between Ganga and Gravity- Cliff jumping, where you jump down a cliff into the ice cold Ganges… Adventure is in store for anyone who visits this city, the Bungee jumping definitely is a must try here,(do book slots beforehand on the website- jumping where you get to dangle down from a rope looking down into the river.

Yoga is available in many forms in the city, be wise to do your research before choosing a place, as there are just too many yoga centers mushrooming up the place. Vashist Gufa is a place of tranquility where one gets to meditate in a cave right beside the beautiful river. Keep traveling from Rishikesh towards Kedarnath, you get to experience Devaprayag and Rudraprayag, confluences of rivers that form the Ganges- keep exploring you see the Ganges evolve as a river, tranquil in many places, and she picks up force to be her mighty self.

Temples are seen in plenty here with each temple having a unique legend behind, most of these are related to the Ramayan or Lord Shiva, of the temples here, one of the most notable is Mahadev Neelkant temple, which quenches the thirst of the adrenaline junkie and the Shiv Bhakt.

Rishikesh is a package in itself, and one can take 4 days to experience and explore this town.

Photo of Adventure Yoga and More 2/2 by Sarika