Bungee Jump for the first time


Tried Bungee for the first time. So for the first time I wanted it to be a special and adventurous one.

Bungee jumping in Rishikesh is India's highest Bungee jumping point which is around 83 meters. This activity is performed in Mohan Chatti village near Rishikesh. The Bungee has been designed by experts from New Zealand and run by ex-army officers.

After reaching my camp, I was told that the slots for Bungee were full for the whole month. After a few phone calls, I was told to go to the point and then luckily someone cancelled in the last minute. I immediately bought a ticket and kept waiting. Meanwhile I was shown some videos and explained about the jump. Then I headed to the cafeteria and had a sandwich while enjoying the view.

Photo of Bungee Jump for the first time 1/4 by Rohith Ganesh

After waiting for couple of hours, it's my turn to go onto the bridge. After being tied with rubber chords and three safety checks I was getting ready to jump. As I was standing at the edge of the cliff, I was having butterflies in my stomach. I was motivating myself to jump and I was suddenly in the air flying like a bird. I was enjoying the view and just when I was about to touch the ground the chords pulled me up. Oh god, you just have to be there.

Photo of Bungee Jump for the first time 2/4 by Rohith Ganesh

After the jump, I was lowered down to a drop zone and was given a water bottle and "I'VE GOT GUTS" badge. Then I walked up to the cafeteria, where you can watch your jump video and buy it at an additional cost of 900.

Photo of Bungee Jump for the first time 3/4 by Rohith Ganesh

For my first time, it was definitely a special one. Also there are other activities namely Giant swing and Flying fox. With a tight schedule I didn't have time to tryout those. But Bungee jump was really an amazing experience and I strongly recommend this. And it is completely safe.

Photo of Bungee Jump for the first time 4/4 by Rohith Ganesh