Experience of Tungnath

Photo of Experience of Tungnath by Tripta Pandey
Day 1

It was that one fine evening, sitting

with my husband and sipping on my

evening tea, I said “let’s plan a

trip,maybe to a hillstation”.

Little did I know that this trip is going to

change my entire existence.

We both began to discuss about

locations that we always wanted to

travel. The discussion came to an

end and Tungnath, Uttarakhand was the location

we both pinned upon.

As much as I was excited to go to the

mountains, I could feel that anxiety

of leaving for Tungnath.

We decided to leave next day at 4 am

from Almora to Chopta. The night

never felt so long. Be it the anxiety or

the excitement, I was sleepless.

We woke up at 3 am and left at 4 am

sharp. The entire route felt so new

and different (mentioning the fact

that I have travelled via that route

multiple times). We reached Chopta

at around 1 pm the same day.

Chopta being the base for Tungnath trek was

crowded with people from different

parts of the country. The sounds of

people speaking different languages

made me realise how beautifully we

the people of this earth bond on one

thing and that is Nature.

The horses were being loaded with

grains, food items, drinks , people’s

luggage and people who weren’t able

to do the trek on foot.

We stayed at chopta the same night

and decided to do the trek next day


Day 2

Next morning I woke up

early, anxious to start the climb. The

trek was not easy but was worth it.

Every new turn gave a different view

of majestic Himalayas and beautiful

meadows. We began at 5:30 am in

the morning from Chopta and

reached Tungnath temple at 7:30 am

after a climb of 5 kms. Mahadev was

kind enough I guess and we had the

chance to see the beautiful Deer and Monal bird.

The moment I reached Tunganath,it

was different, I was different.

Settled on the mid of Himalayas and upon

the beautiful meadows, Tunganath

looked like nothing but heaven. The

tiredness vanished away and all I

could feel was gratitude. But this was

not the end of my curiosity, rather it

was the beginning. After reaching

Tungnath , I wanted to cover the

Chandrashila peak.

First view of Tungnath Temple.

The peak at the top , at first sight felt

like an impossible task to Tunganath we started to climb

Chandrashila peak. The steep 2 kms

climb from Tunganath is definitely a

difficult one.

It was 8:30 am in the morning when

we reached Chandrashila.

Chandrashila Temple.

The peaks of Himalayas were covered with haze

and clouds.

We so wanted to witness

the beauty of chandrashila that we

decided to stay in Tungnath and

climb the Chandrashila again the

next morning. My entire day in

Tungnath went in admiring the

beauty of home of shiva.


Next morning our target was to

climb the Chandrashila before


Day 3

We left our room at 4 am

and started the trek. The 2kms trek

from Tunganath to Chandrashila,

changed me from inside.

It was all dark when we started the

climb. We were lucky enough to do the trek without any crowd.

We were being accompanied by two three dogs, making the

climb a lot more memorable and beautiful.

While walking through the meadows I

could feel the cold air touching me as

if it was saying something. I could

feel the presence of someone

around, a nice fragrance was there

in the air. Waves of cold air were

touching as if someone was playing

with us. The only way I could

conclude it in is “it was divine”.

We reached the Chandrashila Peak and

waited for the sunrise. Another

trekking group climbed the peak 30

minutes after we reached.

The sunrise began and the rays of the

sun started to illuminate each and

every peak it came in contact with.

That scene was so beautiful that I

didn’t wanted to waste a single

second of it, even if it was for

clicking a photograph.

I closed my eyes and sat in silence. That silence

for the first time made me hear the

screams of the minds of people. I

could feel the happiness, gratitude,

sorrows, tears, thirst, hunger of

people present there. My mind was

quiet but my heart was feeling every

word that came to my ears. The peak

that we did twice was the dream of a

boy who was doing it for the first

time. He cried in joy. A lady missing

her late husband wanted to see if he

could connect with her. A man was

disappointed because reality was

different than what he saw on

Instagram. Different people different emotions and I could feel them all.

Photo of Tungnath by Tripta Pandey
Photo of Tungnath by Tripta Pandey
Photo of Tungnath by Tripta Pandey
Photo of Tungnath by Tripta Pandey
Photo of Tungnath by Tripta Pandey
Photo of Tungnath by Tripta Pandey
Photo of Tungnath by Tripta Pandey
Photo of Tungnath by Tripta Pandey