She and her eyes #LoveOnTheRoad

7th Sep 2017
Day 1

Whenever you listen the name Haridwar. Your mind get filled with lot of holy sounds, yoga culture & you feel amazing for this Hindu centred place.
Actually i was on a holy trip from 4th of September to 7th of September 2017 with my mom, her mom, her neighbor lady, 3 other neighbor lady of my mom and i was the only male specie there.
As i was just about to enter in 19's. I felt that there holyness & mindset of searching god through these trip is just crap.
I recently got a part time job in a school & had made enough to have 3 solo trips like haridwar, rishikesh or other cheap places.
But i thought that I'll spend all my money on my mom and her mother.
While they were busy in doing satsang in a holy dharmshala. I traveled and trekked rishikesh solo.
That day i feel love in myself.
Beauty and spirituality of rishikesh touched my heart very deeply.

As our trip done. We packed our luggage on 7th of September and headed to the railway station.
Due to month of 'Shraawan' there were lot of peoples on railway station.
5 out of these 6 ladies had a confirm seat but me & my mother didn't had.
We have an seat in RC(2 passenger can share 1 seat).
I let my mom sleep there, as i was laying in ther floor, busy in sharing pictures on social media.
Suddenly i catched a face staring at me.
She was a girl, a girl of my age.....

Goosebumps i had...

Then i tried to take an eye on her.

She was watching me with pure love.

I was enjoying this moment.
Some peoples always think that pleasure of the body is the meaning of love.
Actually pleasure of heart and feeling for someone is the only meaning of love.

She was also seating on a RC seat with her mother.
She was very lonely girl i thought.

There were lot of handsome guys in the train but she keep trying on me.
I was also fell in love of eyes, our eyes met, we both felt shy.

As my family and her family is so radical that's why we didn't had any talk but somehow i gave her my number and after wait of some days she called me.

That day in train when i was arrived at my station but her station was ahead, this moment was so heartbreaking for me.

I felt like something very important has been aparted.

From that day to now, i called her severally, whenever i or she feel lonely we talk to each other and share our feelings.
That's the meaning of LOVE in my eyes.

Body loving isn't the only remaining way
of love.

I wrote a poem on train that day : this👇👇👇

Photo of Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India by Nand Kishor Sharma