"Religion on it's peak and experienced Last village of India- Badrinath"


Badrinath....!!! One among 4 dham of Hindus. I had been there 4 or 5 times. I eventually visit temples and most of the times I stand outside of the temples and remember god. The things i loved at this destination was Little trekkin of Mana village where you find some of the most important things of Hindus. Mana is 3 kms from Badrinath and easily accessible by Road. The Ved vyas cave, Ganesh cave, Bhim bridge are famous tourist attractions. Mahabharata was composed here. The origin of saraswati river.

The most beautiful attraction is vasudhara fall but I had never been there or you can say I could never find a time during my tours. I will suggest travellers that make a plan to visit vasudhara fall whenever you planning to visit Badrinath. It's a 5 Kms trek from Mana Village. Mana is last village of India after that china border comes. You will find last tea shop there. Beautiful place to take snaps as well. Mana About badrinath everyone knows. The temple dedicated to lord Vishnu having a beautiful View of Neelkanth Mountain on it's backside. In badrinath you will easily find restaurants, shops, Hotels etc. Beautiful mountains view you will see during going towards to Badrinath.