Rishikesh Roadtrip

28th Mar 2014
Photo of Rishikesh Roadtrip 1/7 by Nikhil Narayan
Camp Sarovar Ganga
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Photo of Rishikesh Roadtrip 3/7 by Nikhil Narayan
The Traveller!!
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Photo of Rishikesh Roadtrip 5/7 by Nikhil Narayan
Rafting on Ganges!
Photo of Rishikesh Roadtrip 6/7 by Nikhil Narayan
Photo of Rishikesh Roadtrip 7/7 by Nikhil Narayan

Travelling to Rishikesh is always easy. We were a group of 16 people and we hired a 18 seater Traveller. That was a mistake. A 18 seater Traveller is absolutely cramped for space. Better option would have been to go with a 24 seater Traveller. Anyways the highway is pretty straight forward and there are plenty Dhabas for stop overs. We started on Friday evening around 11 pm and reached our Rishikesh camp at around 9 am.

The camp was near Rishikesh and was on the river side. The problem with river side camps is that its dangerous to go near banks. I prefer camps which are located on streams. The streams are not dangerous and you can sit nearby and enjoy the water or even take a cold dip. The sound of flowing stream during really gives a good night sleep. You kind of feel closer to nature. Anyways Saturday was reserved for volleball and water rappelling. There is a small waterfall near Rishikesh where you can perform rappelling and come down the rock while water is falling down on you. You need to hike 2 kms to reach the waterfall which was quite fun.

In the night we had the regular bonfire with snacks, drinks and music. Next morning we went for rafting. We did the 24 km stretch starting from Shivpuri. The rapids were fine and there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of. We stayed in the water most of the time, it was good fun. We stopped over the cliff jumping site and we all jumped.

By 3 pm we were done and back to our camp. We started back to Delhi around 7 pm and reached by 4 am. All in all great fun!!

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