The Demise of Rishikesh ..

2nd Sep 2012
Photo of The Demise of Rishikesh .. 1/3 by Grashima
The Little Buddha , Rishikesh
Photo of The Demise of Rishikesh .. 2/3 by Grashima
Freedom Cafe, Rishikesh
Photo of The Demise of Rishikesh .. 3/3 by Grashima
The fruit nutella pancake :)

Don't go to Rishikesh at least as a weekend get away option. Don't ever do it to yourself.
 I insist. Go in an off season maybe. but never dare to go there during the weekend. The whole Delhi is going to be there. The rude men staring at you. The nosy aunty from the neighborhood. The overpriced and full guest houses. Even that ananda spa visit won't be worth it if you are struck in delhi traffic in rishikesh.

On the positive side, the freedom cafe pancake was still worth the visit. The view is without a doubt one of the good ones in rishikesh. And it had drizzled when we sat there...

The little Buddha cafe was also very good, but too crowded.

But I still want to go to the place called Moon dance near Ram Jhula (The above are near Laxman Jhula). I hear it has good food. So that might just take me back to rishikesh!
So guess will go back to rishikesh for this and maybe to find less mean spots and timings. 
(p.s. It is more of an adrenaline rush to cross the laxman jhula on a heavy bike at evening than rafting)