Wayanad: A tale of Verdure

Photo of Wayanad: A tale of Verdure 1/3 by taruna choudhury
Photo of Wayanad: A tale of Verdure 2/3 by taruna choudhury
Photo of Wayanad: A tale of Verdure 3/3 by taruna choudhury

Wayanad in God’s own country, witnessed the alluring allegory of nature. The trip took us out of the hustle bustle on the wooden heaven as we headed through winding roads and leafy paradise. The route was through Bandipur National Park, from Mysore to Wayanad is about 6 hrs drive through the jungle. As we progressed through the wilderness, the trees bowed down to welcome us, we headed arresting the beauty into our eyes. We took a stopover at Bandipur National Sanctuary where we weren’t lucky to get tickets for the safari.

Our first stop - Edakkal Caves. Edakkal Caves required a trek up to reach the caves. As we headed with determination to reach the destination, the path led us to a picturesque point where we took a few picture. The architectural Stone Age carvings are well preserved in its depths. Not to mention the caves and graffiti seemed no oxymoronic here as well. After an arduous trek to caves, we headed for Soochippara falls where we had to walk down through a small jungle to the waterfall. As we headed down, we could hear the roar of the waterfall. We were enticed by alluring brooks of water gushing over the rocks and majestic view surrounding the mountains. As I walked slowly to the edge, I could see the rocky bottom. It was so slippery that I had to pull myself on to the rocks. The windy atmosphere made us quivering and shivering on the bank. The pool was full of tourists, unlike certain places, there wasn't much crowd around roaring water falling down the mountains.

This place has some of the greatest and most picturesque spots, but people are worth more than a mention here. I was blown away by the hospitality and kindness, especially during our homestay. We chose homestay over conventional hotels and resorts, and it became an add-on to our experience. It is not an exaggeration but homestays have been the tourism magnet enticed masses from all over the world to visit Kerala. I would definitely recommend ardent fish lovers to gift your taste buds with sumptuous variety of dishes.

Next day, we headed for Kuruvadweep which is a small island, yet to be discovered by masses, far away from the district which explains why it has been the nature’s best kept secret. The island is surrounded by river can be crossed using rafts run by KTDC. We were obstructed by bamboo bridges, flora and fauna and river streams covering the Island on all the sides. We walked around feasting our eyes on the beauty all around us.

On our way back, I was on the lookout for deers and elephants and bingo! We spotted herd of elephants crossing the road nervously and cute lazy baby elephant following them. We could only emerge with some cool photographs. Unlike certain tourist destinations, this place is one of its kind and locals whose kindness add to the experience.

If you love lazing, pack your stuff and head far. Wayanad is hands down the best place to relax.

Photo of Edakkal Caves, Wayanad, Nenmeni, Kerala 673595, India by taruna choudhury
Photo of Kuruvadweep, Kuruvadweep, Kerala 673579 by taruna choudhury
Photo of Wayanad, Wayanad, Kerala, India by taruna choudhury

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