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After leaving Lodurva we started driving further west with no specific destination in mind. The desert rolled past us with flat stretches peppered with sand dunes and lazy camels. After driving around for 40 km we eventually saw two mud houses hidden in the desert. With sundown fast approaching we saw a man walking towards us in the distance. After 10 minutes, Kesar Singh - the owner of the mud houses - told us that he'll arrange for us to spend the night at the houses. So, we started preparing for what would turn out to be a very evocative experience. Once night fell we were enveloped in eerie silence and absolute darkness. We just lay down and gazed at the desert sky. None of us said anything. The stars shone nice and bright and felt close enough to touch. We spent the night just lying there lost in our reverie until sleep came to us. We woke up the next morning in time to see the sunrise. The land was flat until horizon and we witnessed all the changing hues as the sun slowly came up. After packing up we started on our way back to Delhi thinking about when we'll come back to this little place in the desert we could call our own.

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