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Well, one can never stop a traveler from doing what they are supposed to do, right? Longewala was awaiting her.Day 4 Jaisalmer and Longewala:“I remember sitting next to the bike for almost two hours – just to see the sunrise in the clear blue skies of Jaisalmer. Recollecting the experiences that I had in the last 3 days and thinking about what the later part of this journey holds for me - I just could not stop smiling. At that time – I was quite content with the journey and how it shaped up so far” shares Sonia.Longewala was a breath of fresh air. Riding through the city, one can spot colorful cafes, the orange tinted fort, traditional artwork on street walls, colorful dupattas and traditional Rajasthani attires of vibrant colors on people. This is when you realize that the state’s tourism tagline ‘The incredible state of Rajasthan’ holds true. It really was incredible” recollects Sonia.Longewala was the farthest point of Sonia’s ride where the weather was heating up, dehydration setting in making her stop every 50 km. With the current tensions going on with our neighboring country, visitors were not allowed beyond the check post due to security issues. The closest point that one could reach is 20 km near till the border.

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