5 Luxury Getaways in Kolkata for Your Special Day #5UniqueExperiences #ExploringMyCity

Photo of 5 Luxury Getaways in Kolkata for Your Special Day #5UniqueExperiences #ExploringMyCity by Jayashree Sengupta

Want to surprise your beloved with a unique date? Or, do you want to express your love in a dreamy environment? In either case, you will not disappoint your significant other, and keep him/her whine about you being non-romantic. These five one day surprises will definitely keep you on the winning list.

Surprise your beloved with a bouquet, an epistle and tickets to an extraordinary evening getaway without even worrying about taking a leave the next day. So put up your best attire and spend a day long of togetherness in luxurious yet memorable city experiences, right here in Kolkata.

Amidst the palatial architectures and vibrant hustles of its street Kolkata offers some sparkling couple special experiences, perfect to visit at any time of the year. Be it your anniversary or some cradled duo moments, Kolkata would awe you with these unique city retreats.


1. Feed your sombre spirits in the Tram Restaurant

Kolkata and Tram are closely linked; it is one of the few cities in the world that still runs the new version of the ramshackle tram. Seated in a compact aristocratic interior of a tram, in motion, and having your lunch, sweet-talking with your loved one; and watching the past and present seamlessly fusing together, the division being the window pane, the royal buildings passing by it, with a soft music pleasing your ears- the flawless ambiance to celebrate a special day indeed.

Victoria Tram car restaurant is a newly inaugurated restaurant on wheels, winding through the city, from Shahid Minar in Esplanade to Kidderpore and back. Offers both veg and non-veg Bengali cuisines. Tram rides could be slow when passing through congested traffic; when you are with your loved ones the delay could be cherishing.

Cost: Varies, generalised Rs. 999 for non-veg and Rs. 799 for veg.

Working Hours: 12 Noon- 11PM (mostly so as to avoid the rush in the office hours). Typically there are 4 trips- 12pm-2pm; 2pm-4pm; 4pm-6pm and 6pm-8pm

2. Sail away on a River Cruise

Longed for going on a cruise with your loved one and yet tight office schedules did not allow you to? Then Vivada jetty in Millenium Park, Kolkata has come to your rescue. River Ganges really does add an extra charm to the beauty of the city, be it Kolkata or Howrah. And an evening, sailing on the waters in a dainty illuminated cruise, down the Ganges is yet another way to surprise your beloved. The purple lit Howrah Bridge and the flickering fairy lights of the buildings ashore adds the perfect ambiance aboard.

Vivada Cruises and Cross India Cruises offers the best river cruises in the city and offers both veg and non-veg platter. Vivada's fleet includes Paramhansa, Millenium, Matsakanya, Auspicious and Jaladuta. Cross India offers Desire, Matsakanya, Paramhansa, Millenium, Riviera, Sumangal and The Auspicious. I personally like Matsakanya and The Auspicious which could be booked through both.

Cost: Breakfast and evening cruise- Rs. 1050 per person; Lunch and Dinner cruise- Rs. 1575 per person. Special Valentine package aboard "The Auspicious" at Rs. 3540 for two.

3. Find yourself sparkling on a Pensive Island

How about getting away from the honks of the city to an island and have your salver amidst the tranquillity of the place itself? And hence Café Ekante totally serves its name; ekante means solitary. Onwards through the waters of an artificial lake of Eco Park, café ekante is a houseboat café nestled on an island in the lake. A boat ride from the boarding points in Eco Park to the cafe amidst the cottages is a quick break from the daily blues, one might even stay a night in the cottages.

Working Hours : Tuesday to Sunday: 1 PM to 10.30 PM; Monday closed

4. Catching the view from the Kolkata Gate

A walk through the ring-tunnel, hanging in the air, 25 m from the ground, supported by the arches, a civil engineering marvel right in the city named as the Kolkata gate or the Biswa Bangla Date. The circular walk through is supposed to host a restaurant, a gallery and a souvenir shop. And the view is overlooking the whole skyline; skirted in the middle by the tracks of the Metro on one side and the series of colorful flats on the opposite end. A sunset from here and watching the city transform into a canvas apt for light painting is an obvious way to make memories on the V-day.

Timing: Open from 8th to 14th Feb, i.e. the whole of Valentines week. 12Noon to 5PM with 45 min slot starting each hour. No visit on Monday.

5. Getting old in the Horse Carriage Ride

The touch of olden Kolkata is yet again revamped in a full-fledged AC horse carriage. It was the brainchild of Sudip Sil who transformed the horse carriage ride into a hotel ride on wheels. The carriage interior is decorated with thick transparent curtains giving an aristocratic touch to it.

Where: A round of Victoria Memorial through the Race Course South gate, moving on to Fort William and then back to the stand. On requests, the round can be extended to Princep Ghat. So depending on your budget one might spend the rest of the hours in Victoria Memorial or Prinsep Ghat.

Round near Fort William: Rs 500

Round near Princep Ghat: Rs 1,500

1 round with A.C- Rs.1200

1 round without A.C - Rs.500

1hr ride with A.C- Rs.6000

Full night - Rs.10000-15000

Booking: Once you reach Victoria Memorial you could talk it out with the horse carriage owners try out these places for sure.

Image Courtesy: Indiatimes

Photo of Victoria Memorial, Queens Way, Maidan, Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Jayashree Sengupta