My Bucket List


Yesterday, as I sat on my couch, visibly bored, my husband posed a question to me - If given a chance, what places/experiences would you definitely like to visit/achieve in this lifetime?He basically asked me to compile my "Bucket list"!

As I sat down thinking about it, I realized there are so many places I would want to visit, so many things I would want to do - how could I possibly compile a concise bucket list?Err..tough tough task!However, as I thought about these long list of places I want to visit & things I want to do, the mere notion of being at some of these places, and experiencing some of these things gave me goosebumps - bringing an unexplainable sense of excitement and a smile on my face. And well well well..I could finally come up with my bucket list!!

Here is the combined "Bucket list" (of me and my husband) - 

1) Watching Aurora Borealis in Iceland

2) Fjord Cruise in Norway

3) Watch an Active Volcano

4)Trek Machu Pichu & Explore Amazon rainforests

5)Dip in the icy cold waters of Antarctica

6) Nevis Swing New Zealand

7) Hot Balloon ride in Cappadocia

8) Explore Masaimara National Park in Kenya & dip in Zambezi river

9)Exploring wilderness of Alaska

10) Go trekking on the Himalayas (many of such treks!)

11) Learn Snow Skiing

12) Go Sky Diving

13) Explore North-East India

Had I compiled this list two years back, there would have been two additional items here - Bike trip to Leh-Ladakh, Go Scuba diving - both of which stand fulfilled:)

Now, I am eagerly waiting to strike these off items my bucket list!!!:)