Giving birth to my wanderlust! -You can do it too.


Almost all of us have this wanderlust in us, to visit new places, to explore the world but how many of us actually put our dreams into actions. Most of us end up diminishing our dreams smaller and going for small trips nearby and keeping the huge dream destinations on standby mode. Reasons are many like job and family commitments, fear of being off the comfort zone and many more. But how to blow up your tinge of passion towards travelling to such an extent that you fly all around the world without any excuses to yourself? I have these simple tricks which knowingly or unknowingly boosted my thirst to travel.

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We live only once: This is the only chance you have, one life, one chance, so whatever you want to do ,do it now. This big fat realization would have great impact on life, its then we start getting serious about things we have to do. This will automatically motivate us towards our passion. Keep motivating yourself in all possible ways. The best thing I did was put “if not now, when?” as my phone wallpaper. Each time I unlocked my phone I was pushed a step further towards my dreams.

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Wonder listing my wanderlust: Updating my bucket list each time I read about a cool place, or see a picture helps a lot. When I started listing my travel list it exceeded 2 pages, that’s when I realized I don’t have time to keep my dreams waiting. I need to find ways towards it, right now. Initially I used to think of earning a lot and then travelling now I look for a job which involves surplus amount of travel like travel writer, travel presenter, air-hostess and many such interesting options.

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Old New things around you: The best way to enjoy your life is the explore everywhere. To sight not what’s near while aiming for the far is foolishness. Every place we see around us in our daily routine has a lot of beauty in it. Notice it, explore it in such a way that not one of yours is wasted without seeing something new. Not at all a tough job, just a little alteration with the way we see things will do the wonder.

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At fingertips: Anything that motivates should be at fingertips be in travelogues, pictures, books anything and everything should be accessible at one pick or click. I liked all of travel related pages on all networking sites, read a lot of travelogues, read about many globetrotters, but I realized that urge stays only for the moment, it tends to fade. To make it my routine I had to put all these inspirations at my reach. The easy way to do was to maintain a travel dairy that I go to bed with, to stick around pictures of places from my bucket list all over my room. Written notes about my travel plan on my refrigerator and mirror, even if its scheduled for a year later. All the travel websites and apps would be bookmarked on my wallpaper. Weird things to do but when your passion gets involved in your daily routine you get pulled closer towards it. This is the secret.

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Once you get all these tricks working, all you ever want to do is explore the world somehow. Begin to feel free, start loving yourself, love the world and will live a life you will remember.

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