Backpacking South East Asia: Intoxicating Vietnam

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Once on every backpacker's wishlist for its lure as a part of the 'exotic orient', Vietnam is no longer unexplored territory. It continues to draw crowds, but the off-beat has become more and more elusive with a well-oiled tourist trail that runs all the way down the slender country. However, there is a charm to Vietnam that is hard to resist. Right from graceful old Hanoi in the north with its charming narrow streets and plentiful culture; to evocative Hue, with an ancient story tucked into every sway of its hip; to magical Hoi An, creating idyllic pictures at every glance; to humbling Saigon, a living reminder of a country coming to grips with a gruesome past, a dynamic present and an uncertain future -- Vietnam has a move for every kind of person. A versatile seductress in every sense of the term.

To say that ten days did it no justice is a grave understatement. But to even scratch the surface of so fascinating a landscape, culture and people is a whetting of the appetite in so dangerous a proportion, I am afraid nothing short of a few months on my next trip will suffice. Thấy bạn sớm, Vietnam!

All photo credits: Shashwat Sridhar


PS: I realise that my descriptions aren't the most useful to someone who might be looking to plan their trip through this itinerary. You can blame the country for inducing poetic musings, but please feel free to click on the 'trip enquiry' button and write in to me with absolutely any queries you might have. 

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Hanoi, Vietnam 105.850000 21.033333 105.850000 21.033333 Monument.png

Hanoi Duration : 2 days

Hanoi, Vietnam
We approached Hanoi with a pretty typical what-is-there-to-see attitude, and found ourselves a little underwhelmed on the first day. It took a badly planned second day (a Monday, when everything in Hanoi is closed) to force us to just walk around the city and take it in, without much of a destination in mind. It was at the end of a few hours of weaving through parks, lakes and grand old sweeping trees that we finally discovered the charm of Hanoi. There is a grace to the city, some lingering age-old wisdom that it seems to impart upon the visitor that simultaneously calms and delights. Set aga Read More
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