The Masai proposal

24th May 2014
Photo of The Masai proposal by Kanan Shah

Our trip to Africa,Kenya was a very memorable and an exciting tour. We enjoyed our journey from the start till the end. We went to the Masai Mara jungle out there and took 3 safari's. 

We spotted 15 lions and one with a giant mane. It was a rare sight and the most thrilling experience i've ever had. 

Apart from that one very significant experience i witnessed was with the Masai Mara tribe. 

This one time me and 4 of my friends went for the village tour of the Masai Mara tribe. They have something called a chief who's like the master of all and takes important decisions. Now this is too funny, they have a system of giving dowry to the girl's family from the boy's side at the time of marriage. The dowry is in the form of kind mainly cows. 100 cows is supposed to be the most expensive shit. So the chief saw me and decided to get me married off to his son and told me that he'll give 10 cows in exchange! 

I bloody freaked out while my friends couldn't stop laughing. I asked the driver to start the engine asap and get rid of that place. It was so creepy but i'll never forget that ever.