See How I Reached to Taj mahal First time?


The Tajmahal

Photo of India by Sumit Chauhan

Mostly world known India by Taj mahal. Taj mahal is the common thing between Tourist & India. Taj Mahal also a symbol of love that keep motivating the love birds. As we known it's comes among the 7 wonders of world.

Why I Choose Taj mahal Trip ?

Actually, It is present in Uttar Pradesh & we have a Direct train from Delhi to Agra Cantt. After Airline the best traveling service is Train. Due to the month-end less money was in my pocket so i preferred to go Tajmahal rather than any other place.

How I Manage my Trip & Destination?

First i ask with other people how to go? They recommend me the train journey from Delhi to Agra cantt. and than auto till to the Taj mahal. Price of the ticket was varied (hiked). I stand in the queue.

Scenario of the Front Gate & Main Entrance

People were taking selfies on the main entrance gate. Just front of the main Tajmahal. Taking photos with the tip of the Tajmahal monuments. 

Majority People and crowed.

Majority were Indian there. Asian, European was also present. some of the tourist also discussed with me how they got e-Tourist visa.

At Evening there was a train towards Delhi was there.

till 12:30 i was at my home.

it was fantastic journey a enjoy a lot.