My journey to understand the nation in 20 days.

Photo of My journey to understand the nation in 20 days. 1/1 by RajKoti Chauhan


How are you all,myself feeling great as full of experience of my 20 days tour all over India, maximum I covered India 

Here let me say as I describedI started my journey from hyderabad then from Karnataka I reached pune there I visited a medical college where a professor said that he will be talking to me at evening but later he didn't, then I visited MITSOG, I seen many youth who are willing to change nation but not clear how. Then I visited medical college again and talked to a bunch of students who Came forward to take responsibilities. From there to surat same few students but in ujjain it is awesome as full of experience. I walked around 10 kms distance by walk to see what is going on I found poverty is the major cause and later begging is their Empowerment to reach their poverty. Later I talked to the beggars as in the morning I was sitting with them for cold fire, they started talking about different subjects. They are brilliant has knowledge of ayurveda science and cricket politics

Later they started smoking  so I moved away from their to different colleges and Vikram University where I got full support and had a seminar. My friends AYUSHI PIYUSH AND ANKITA HELPED me out there later I promised that we will be working from March 1 st 

Then I went to MANIT where my friend friend manoj received me And took care of me for whole of three days, I had great time, I discussed my concept of rebuilding our nation. I got great support from my friends there later I moved to kanpur. My brother PANKAJ received me And had a great time as I visited number of colleges and visited IIT on second day. Good times to understand the mentality of a IIT student. I did then went to Patna my dada ABHITAB NIRANJAN received me And had my lunch and we conducted a meeting regarding Empowerment of women in Patna. Then on second day visited Patna IIT. Wow it is a great moment as many of the students come forward for our project in India. Later I went on to Ghuwaiti. There I visited Ghuwaiti medical college and hospital and talked to youths and on second day we had a meeting with 40 delegates from 8 districts of assam. Later went to BTC . Where a great experience. No one wills to work hard but everyone wants luxurious life. What a sad and pity I felt. Then moved to durgapur. My friend SIDDHU received me And we had a great time. Full experience in NIT. It is located in a polluted area and we be feeling to respire but not possible as the density of air is heavy and nausea and vomiting sensation and complete nun Ness of body. Later I moved on to reach hyderabad.

Commonly found problems where 40





Opportunity for youth 




Health issues 

Child marriages 

Child labourS

Smoking and boozing 

No transportation 

No farming 


Environmental issues 

Poor Literacy 

No food and water 


In this tour I have spent almost 20 days at different destination this is just brief. I am going to write a book over further. We spent 50000 from my own pocket and we suffered from many problems like lack of proper food,water, sleep, money, accommodation etc

But it is a great moment 






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