Road Trip to Belum Caves via Gandikota

25th Aug 2017

Gandikota- The Grand Canyon Of India

Photo of Road Trip to Belum Caves via Gandikota by Mathew John Mancha

The planing phase had begun, and calls were going haywire. The initial plan was to pitch a tent at Gandikota and then visit the beautiful Belum-Caves the following day.

Well after hushing up everything we finally managed to get the Zoomcar luckily; a SWIFT, but trust me the sad part of taking Zoomcar comes when you cannot cross the speed limit of 120kmph on a National Highway.

No matter; this was foreseen and we changed the route entirely. We used an alternate route which, not only helped us save fuel but kilometers as well. Of course the important part; speed never became a factor.

Day 1

Speaking of Zoomcar, lets just say we spent 9 grand on the car alone, fuel cash will be refunded anyways. Also, picked the car up from Zoomcar parking lot situated right near the airport and hence we really got enough kilometers for ourselves. The total available kilometers was 720 for 2 days, and the amount being split by three people seemed reasonable.

Coming back to the trip, we kicked off at 11 AM from our houses and reached the Zoomcar parking lot at 1245 PM. The trip started off at 1PM and soon we were racing past on NH44. Until we reached Bagepalli where the diversion started towards Kadri.

Our first destination was Batrepalle Waterfalls before hitting Gandikota. Just a small waterfall, where one has to trek his way up the waterfalls. There is no path as such, one has to climb up following the downstream.

The Beautiful Batrepalle Waterfalls

Photo of Batrepalle Waterfalls, Batre Palle, Andhra Pradesh, India by Mathew John Mancha

We did not spend much time as driving with your shoes wet is the most horrible thing to do, hence we started off again. Driving through these roads was a bliss because roads are empty, driving through lush greenery, everything seemed so pleasant with all your responsibilities just disappearing.

We finally arrived at Gandikota at around 6PM. Dam!!! We missed the sunset, but no matter the view at Gandikota was mesmerizing. Before entering Gandikota you will be passing by a fort which was constructed during the ancient times. Driving in here really seems adventurous.

We fell in love with the place immediately. We regretted not camping in Gandikota for the night. Sunrise was something beautiful to watch from up there. Roads here are also amazing to drive on, as these roads could go on forever with an added advantage that the roads are empty, all the more makes the trip adventurous.

Gandikota post 6PM

Photo of Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh, India by Mathew John Mancha

Twas getting dark hence we decided to find a place to stay. Jammalamadugu was the closest place to Gandikota hence we decided to stop there for the night. If you are thinking we found hotels here? Think again!! The people here have no idea about hotels, stayed in like a half star lodge with some pathetic washrooms, rooms and beds. We never had a choice, hence we stayed back at Jammalamadugu and decided to visit Gandikota again the following day.

After a night without sleep, scratching all over one's body it was finally time to head out at 7AM. But no, that is exactly when all the insects decide to leave the bed and there you go, my two friends are on the bed sleeping again. Well that was meant to happen.

Day 2

Anyways, after pulling everyone out of bed and post breakfast we headed out to Gandikota again. This time it was really appealing to one's eyes!

Gandikota at 10AM

Photo of Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh, India by Mathew John Mancha

The view from here is just heavenly and staying at Gandikota for a sunrise or a sunset with maybe a beer in your hand would be a dream for any traveller out there. We finished our photo session and we also visited the temple and the granary which was located at the same site and we hit back on the road.

The view from up there

Photo of Gandikota, Andhra Pradesh, India by Mathew John Mancha

The distance from Gandikota to Belum Caves is around 100 kms and we reached the caves just in time that is before lunch at around 1PM. We were more interested in exploring the caves than satisfying our hunger. We were more of explorers, so taking a guide was not our forte. We explored parts of the caves which was not even lit up. Oh if you think you will get lost? Nope don't think about it, because there is possibly no chance you can get lost. Trekking in and out of the caves is tiring and the entire trek will take 1 and a half hours.

Entrance to Belum Caves

Photo of Belum Caves, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India by Mathew John Mancha

One does not get tired because of walking so much, but because of air circulation. There are vent ways in the caves which will be packed as everyone will have the urge to stand under as it, is the only place where air will be gushing in from outside.

The plan initially was to visit Belum Caves, but eventually we ended up going to Gandikota and Gandikota turned out to be the treat which we required. The drive back from Belum Caves was also really blissful as the roads are well tarred and maintained perfectly. As we reached our destination we were also sad that the trip finally had come to an end. But if I am given a chance to suggest which location to go Gandikota is an option which can never be ruled out.

I would definitely come back for this view

Photo of Bangalore, Karnataka, India by Mathew John Mancha