Samudra Lingapur Waterfall in Telengana


We started our Journey from BHEL Hyderabad to Samudra Lingapur Waterfalls in Morning.

We crossed Bhiknoor tool and took right, passed thro villages with beautiful nature and fields around us.

The roads are narrow. The approach road to Waterfall is not good and it gets further damage in rainfall, it is the road along the canal.

The preferred time is Rainy season, when it rained for 3-4 days and stopped.

You can plan your visit after rains have stopped and weather is sunny.

The place is excellent.

It is better to carry food alongwith you, we could find only one dhaba around 3-4 kms away from Waterfall on our journey back to Hyderabad

Scenic Waterfall

Photo of Samudra Lingapur Waterfall in Telengana by Chandrasen Thorat