Southern retreat - Vishakhapatnam

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The priceless looks
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The coffee at araku
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Bamboo chicken
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Yarada Beach
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Beauty at Yarada Beach
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Bay of Bengal/ R.K beach View from Kailasagiri
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Toy Train at Kailasagiri

Vishakhapatnam is the largest city in Andhra Pradesh. Be it the area of the city or the population.

The city has a lot of tourist destinations which are so beautiful and rich of natural view. I usually visit Vishakhapatnam because of my official trips and after a lot of trips I will try to compile the fun and joy about Vishakhapatnam here in a single post.

Vishakhapatnam is reachable both by means of Air and Rail network. Frequent flights from Air India are available in the morning as well as in the evening. I personally prefer Air India as it is mostly on time. I usually stay at a place called Jagadamba Junction which is a busy and well known area of the city. Full of shops and local food joints.

Here are some of the many places in Vizag that can instil in you a feeling of love towards the mother nature.

1. R. K. Beach

It is one of the famous beach of Vishakhapatnam named after the Ramakrishna Mission Ashram nearby. The beach also have a submarine museum named INS Kursura Submarine museum. Recently, an international naval event, The International Fleet Review was organized at the beach and 50 countries participated for the same. You can enjoy local street food from the stalls at the beach side. There is an aquarium named "Matsyadarshini Aquarium" just across the road. It is also a place worth visiting.

2. Kailasagiri Hill

It is a hilltop park in Vishakhapatnam, planned and maintained by the state govt. It is a very beautiful tourist destination. Garden lovers will surely not be able to resist this location because the mesmerizing flowers will bind you to the place. Being on a hill top, it is accessible via road, stairs or rope-way cable car. Try the to and fro cable car ride, shell out a few bucks to experience the view from inside the cable car. The view of Bay of Bengal from the top is breathtakingly beautiful. At the top there is a statue of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, hence the name of the place- Kailasagiri. There is an open air food court, a toy train with 1 AC and 1 Non AC coach. A joyful ride for both the tiny tots as well as the grown up enthusiasts. Walking towards the garden side will take you to a museum - Telugu Museum. It portrays the history of the Andhra and there is an educational show but the language used is Telugu.

3. Rushikonda Beach

It is also a renowned beach in Vishakhapatnam. It's a bit distant from the main city, and comparatively less clean than other beaches. But still a place to visit. Keep it to the last place in the list of places to be covered, if you prefer cleanliness to adventure.

4. Simhachalam Temple

The temple is dedicated to Lord Narsimha (नरसिंह - the man lion). The temple is of historic importance both Classical and Medieval.

5. Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

The vishakhapatnam zoo is a must visit place [Not as must visit as a wildlife safari :D]. The place is along a hilly area so it's really beautiful. The path inside is such that it gives a feel of some adventure in woods. There is a canteen which will serve south Indian dishes. Don't expect too much delicacy of food. But enough to treat the tummy after roaming amidst nature. The animals there seem to be well fed. It's a perfect one day outing and a good place for photography too.

6. Yarada Beach

Now this is a beach which I found very interesting. Not because of how it looks like, but because of what experience one can have while reaching there. From the city you have to take a bus or a hired cab to reach the place. I prefer bus, as the public transport system of the city is too good to look for a hired cab if you are a solo traveller [like me :P]. Take a bus that drops at a place named Scindia and from there wait for Bus [bus no 16] to Yarada village. After few min ride within the city, the bus will take a turn from the city area into a place which is similar to a village and one can witness the tribal touch there. Then the bus starts climbing a hill top. And that's the beauty of the path. On one side of the road there are stones, trees and all the greenery and on the other side, the view of the city, with every turn the view gets wider and worth watching. Same is the case with the descent. The bus stop is just a plot of land. From there a 700-800 mtr walk will take you to the Yarada beach. Calm [calm as due to less crowd, which I witnessed] and cool. Comparatively less crowded and a beautiful place to listen to the sea waves.

7. Araku Valley

Araku is a hill station at a distance of approx. 150 km from Vishakhapatnam. The temperature is pleasant. The beauty is scenic. It is also one of the honeymoon destinations in Vishakhapatnam. Araku is famous for the coffee plantation. Don't forget to taste a cup of your favourite coffee preparation from the coffee museum near Araku bus stand. And if it appeals to your taste buds, there are coffee flavoured chocolates and coffee powder available for sale.

8. Borra Caves

The caves are located in the Ananthagiri hill range. It lies on the same route as that or Araku. so these can be covered in a day or two. These caves are one of the largest in the country. There are few legendary tales related to the caves. Take a guide if possible to get a better understanding of the place. The caves are properly illuminated by means of colourful light source[artificial, for visibility inside]. The beauty and vastness of the caves will surely make you appreciate the artwork of nature.

For more images please visit avinashsinghphotography on Facebook. If i have missed out any information, please feel free to share so that others can be benefited. Thanks a lot.

It is one of the famous beaches of Visakhapatnam. It got its name from the Ramakrishna Mission Aashram. This place is very happening and occupied by local vendors. There one can find delicious Corn and other local food items. The bus stand is near and can be reached by public transport easily.
This is a hill top garden and is very beautiful. The place is very well maintained by VUDA. Being on hill top it can be reached by