i met an indian army guy in train #LifeOnATrain #trainstory

6th Jan 2020
Photo of i met an indian army guy in train #LifeOnATrain #trainstory by EKLOVYA RJ
Day 1

I went to start my first ever solo trip so i booked a train ticket my plan's are going to visit India's northeast parts i reached guwahati and explored the beautiful city but my inner voice says that i have to go sikkim (gantok) everyone says that this is a beautiful place too so i have two options should i book a cab for guwahati to NJP  railway station or other option is to take one more train to reach back NJP railway station and the story begins ok look just imagine you are in train and you were on a solo trip dont have internet connection so you have to look if anybody in the same situation and start talking about their trip and tell about yourself and go on they can tell you about their family friends what they do and you do the same thing you are telling them what's your passion your dreams and then the location arrived  and you both are going to take two directions and never ever meet that person again in your life just think about that moment and i can live my whole life with this memories thats why i love travel and meeting strangers and that guy in Indian army isn't cool when he tells a full story about how they spend their long sleepless nights without phone without internet that experience i never want to forget thats why that time i choose train over a cab were i have to sit alone for like 9-10 hrs and no one else with me to talk