Perfect half day out location in Bangalore

31st Oct 2022
Day 1

We all know that Bangalore is an IT capital city with huge buildings, but did you ever know that it is also the home for the second oldest museum in South India. Yess, now you can also visit one of the oldest museums in India known as the Government Museum which is located next to Cubbon park, MG Road. 

If you are fond of archaeological items such as stone carvings, coins, inscriptions, artifact's and paintings then this is the best place for you to visit. This museum also holds a record of showcasing the first inscription of kannada  - the Halmidi Inscription slabs.

While walking inside the museum it will take you to another world. Paintings displayed at Venkatappa art gallery were really adorable. Each painting expresses different kinds of emotions. Observer can immerse in the painting and can easily understand the thoughts of the artist and what he was trying to convey to the public through the portraits.

On the first floor of the art gallery, I came across a wooden idol section exhibited by Major C P Rajaram. He says that, "The beauty of wood is in its shape,its irregular grain, color and texture. In the grain of wood one can imagine a picture and in its shape a movement common in everyday life". And you can literally see his art and what he meant through the wooden idols.

Entry 20rs for adults and 10 rs for Children Parking facilities are also available near the museum. 

So, this is the perfect place to spend some time when you are around Bangalore peacefully without any disturbance of vehicles. "The more art you see, the more you will learn to define your taste". 

"Keep traveling and explore new things always".

Second oldest museum in South India

Photo of Cubbon Park by Ananya R

Entrance to government museum

Photo of Cubbon Park by Ananya R
Photo of Cubbon Park by Ananya R

Halmidi Shasana - first kannada inscription

Photo of Cubbon Park by Ananya R

Observer capturing the portrait in her eyes

Photo of Cubbon Park by Ananya R