Brussels in a Day

17th Jun 2014
Photo of Brussels in a Day 1/8 by Ria Kumbhat
Some amazing delights
Photo of Brussels in a Day 2/8 by Ria Kumbhat
Chocolate love
Photo of Brussels in a Day 3/8 by Ria Kumbhat
The mouth watering belgian waffels
Photo of Brussels in a Day 4/8 by Ria Kumbhat
grand palace
Photo of Brussels in a Day 5/8 by Ria Kumbhat
And some more chocolates
Photo of Brussels in a Day 6/8 by Ria Kumbhat
Photo of Brussels in a Day 7/8 by Ria Kumbhat
Panaroma of the Grand Palace
Photo of Brussels in a Day 8/8 by Ria Kumbhat
Some more Mouth watering delights

An overview to the trip:

1. The train between Amsterdam and Brussels is a beautiful journey.

2. Travel by foot or by public transport. That's the best thing u can do to have a real feel of this city.

3. A bus tour is must if your staying for a single day, we went with the Big red bus and the audio and open to air seats of the bus were amazing. In this way you can cover all the monuments and major tourist stops

4. Get down at the stop closest to the Grand Palace and spend some time there. You will cherish this place I assure you. The streets, the architecture, restaurants and last but not the least the Chocolate shops all have this really great affect, Its a common place for both the tourists and the locals.

5. You will not believe how amazing the chocolates are, plus most shops offer free tasting ;). So all chocolate lovers: this place is heaven I tell you and i am pretty sure my pictures convey my feelings for you :D

6. The waffle place near Mannekin Pis is really nice, do try the strawberry and cream waffle. The shop named The Waffle Factory is another great place for the ohh-so-famous Belgian Waffles.

So these are the highlights of my trip :)

This place has an amazing feel to it. The buildings, the small lanes and the open area between the 4 sides is all breath taking

Photo of Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium by Ria Kumbhat

OMG the waffles are a must have, Soft yummy goodness topped with cream and strawberries or Nutella. Without the trip is incomplete!

Photo of The Waffle Factory, Brussels, Belgium by Ria Kumbhat

Chocolates and Belgium cannot be separated. The chocolates of this place are so delicious specially the hazelnut encrusted bar

Photo of Elisabeth Chocolatier, au Beurre Street, Brussels, Belgium by Ria Kumbhat

A little disappointing but nevertheless a good view

Photo of Atomium, Atomium Avenue, Brussels, Belgium by Ria Kumbhat

This place is so over hyped. But I guess the waffle place near it would never be seen if it wasn't for this. the waffles near Manneken pis are so Yummy and pretty cheap