Down the memory lane.. through the streets of Europe #streetsnaps

2nd May 2018
Photo of Down the memory lane.. through the streets of Europe #streetsnaps by Riya R Jain
Day 1

A different view of the streets of Amsterdam from Sky Lounge.

Photo of Amsterdam, Netherlands by Riya R Jain

Last summer I visited few countries in Western Europe for the very first time and fell in love with each city, town I saw. Given a chance I would love to be lost in one of the streets of the cities or the narrow cobbled lanes and be amazed with how time just stopped ticking there few hundred year's back itself.

Day 3

Ghent has it all that you would expect from an European city.

Photo of Korenmarkt Gent, Korenmarkt, Ghent, Belgium by Riya R Jain

A 30 minutes ride from Brussels and you reach this beautiful European city. Ghent can undoubtedly boast of its amazing European architecture, the belfry, horse carts, superb restaurants, the castles, the graffitis and the very amiable people. Ghent truly has it all!

Day 5

One of my favourite pictures of the Belgian streets.

Photo of Brussels, Belgium by Riya R Jain

Was I the only one who noticed how beautifully the afternoon sun shone and complimented that vine who crept up the yellow wall?

Day 6

A classic picture that depicts the true flavour of the cutest Belgian town- Bruges

Photo of Bruges, Belgium by Riya R Jain

If you ever wondered what cities in a fairytale would look like? You have to visit Bruges! This place is untouched by time. The cute Belgian houses, the stone cobbled streets, horse-driven carts.... it takes you way back in time. All you smell is chocolates , waffles, beer and fries -cliched as it may seem but believe me its the perfect way to discover a Belgian town.

Day 7

What's a trip to Europe without Paris

Photo of Pont Alexandre III, Pont Alexandre III, Paris, France by Riya R Jain

Every nook and corner in Paris has a story of its own. There are more than 35 bridges spanning the entire city across the river Seine and the most extravagant and ornate among them all is - Pont-Alexandre III .

There's a seperate lane for the cars and buses and a seperate one for the pedestrians. This bridge truly exemplifies that Paris is 'beauty in every step'!

While the street stories come to an end here , I would share with you all a quote that I so relate to coz it absolutely touched my heart, "She was perfectly sane in the streets unknown..!" .

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