Vancouver tour by bike


When COVID keeps you indoors, Vancouver's urban trails make for the perfect bike tour by wheel. Here you'll discover eye-catching sculptures, historical markers, and local restaurants as you travel from waterfront to downtown on these pathways that span from waterfront to downtown.

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Toronto aims to become a top cycling destination, with planners targeting half of Canadian trips being taken by transit, bicycle or foot by 2030.

Fort Vancouver National Historic Site

At this historic reserve on the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon lies all the sights, sounds, and history of a frontier fur trading post, powerful military legacy, and flight magic are on full display. Additionally, cultural demonstrations, special activities and living history events take place here throughout the year.

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Visitors can explore Fort Vancouver, Officer's Row, Pearson Air Museum and Vancouver Barracks within the Reserve as well as Old Apple Tree Park, Vancouver Land Bridge, Pearson Field and Vancouver Waterfront Park.

Nez Perce Indian Nation hosts its Annual Chief Redheart Memorial Ceremony with Park and other community organizations on April 22, to commemorate tribal ideals and ancestors. Hammering fills Carpenter Shop Tuesday and Wednesday during summer as period carpenters share 1840's techniques with visitors. In addition, there is also an active Junior Ranger program at the park to promote park stewardship.

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Spruce Mill Trail

Biking through Downtown Vancouver will take you past local restaurants, eye-catching sculptures, and historical markers along paved pathways dotted with restaurants and other local amenities such as eye-catching sculptures. Or take the Columbia River Waterfront Renaissance Trail which connects downtown to Fort Vancouver over 8 miles.

At the summit of Spruce Knob lies a short loop trail. Beginning near an old-growth grove of spruces, this path descends through gloomy forest until reaching the first creek crossing (during summer months, it may become deep so trekkers should bring trekking poles or other forms of traction aid for crossing).

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The trail then climbs through vibrant, regenerating woodland. After crossing a second creek, it continues over a rocky ridge and past two vernal pools populated with Mallard Ducks and Wood Frogs.

Land Bridge Trail

The Land Bridge Trail, created by architect Johnpaul Jones and inspired by Maya Lin, spans Fort Vancouver with areas along the Columbia River shoreline. It features an overlook, native plants and artworks depicting Native and European interactions at this place once known for wetlands and Mud Lake.

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From the Land Bridge, you will see many attractions such as Captain George Vancouver Monument, Old Apple Tree Park, Waterfront Renaissance Trail, Columbia Shores and Ilchee Bronze sculptures, World War II "Women in the Shipyards" sculpture Wendy Rose. Additionally, Language Walk provides visitors with an educational journey featuring petroglyphs etched onto its walkway surface which explain indigenous languages and words for land.

At the northern end of the bridge is a terrace overlook recessed into an earthen mound, planted as an oak savannah habitat. Here, grasses, native shrubs, flowers such as nootka rose, coastal buckthorn and serviceberry represent dry prairie ecosystem that Lewis and Clark would have witnessed; rainwater channeled through walkway surfaces irrigates these plantings.

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Discovery Historic Loop Trail

History buffs will love the 2.3-mile Discovery Historic Loop Trail. Winding its way through Vancouver Barracks and past several of the area's notable historic sites like Officers Row, Pearson Air Museum and Providence Academy, this trail makes an excellent day trip.

After crossing Park Road, follow the sidewalk southward along a slight uphill trail toward a flag pole. As you travel you may come across paths leading in different directions but ignore them for now - eventually you'll reach concrete stairs with railings and signs pointing toward a view point.

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Follow the stairs (in late winter, wild currant blooms line the path), ascending them quickly until reaching the top. Continue along the Loop Trail to a sand dune where there is an incredible view point; soon afterwards it descends downhill onto a level field where blackberry bushes await your discovery and keep an eye out for hummingbirds during summer!