5 Meals That Won My Heart In Dubai

Photo of 5 Meals That Won My Heart In Dubai by Yashodhara Roy

I started my new year in Dubai. Yes, the year 2024 bought me back to the most 'happening' destination of Dubai. It was my second real trip (not counting a small work visit in between) and I have been feeling a pull towards the UAE for a while now. While for me in Dubai, it also means a lot of amazing home cooked food thanks to the fact that I get to stay with my friend who is from there, I did spend a lot of internet hours and more trying to discover some great food in #Dubai.

Here is my shortlist of the top 5 from my own list! So here you go foodie or traveller , hope this helps!

I think it's safe to say that the city is a 'melting pot of cuisines' - lot of options so these are a shortlist from this one traveler's list. She has eaten quite a bit but she doesn't claim to be an expert.

No 1. It's a TIE!

Arabian Tea House & Al Khayma Heritage

Arabian Tea House and Al Khayma are both renowned for their commitment to preserving Emirati culinary heritage, both have a great ambience in terms of service, design and more, both have great food (including good seafood) and both have looooong lines, so get ready to wait for a meal that is usually worth it. They are also both places that you'll enjoy more with company, but did not stop me from dining by myself.

Al Khayma also has a Michelin Bib Gourmand and for good reasons!

Tap on the image to check out my reel! Sea Bream in Emirati spices

Photo of 5 Meals That Won My Heart In Dubai by Yashodhara Roy

Watch the video below on my first visit to Arabian Tea House!

2. Wawa Dining

My friend and I both LOVE Asian food. She took me recently to a small establishment called Wawa Dining, a quaint restaurant specializing in Japanese & Korean cuisine. I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional quality of their dishes, especially the delightful sashimi! Highly recommended! Just be sure to secure a reservation in advance to ensure you don't miss out on this gem.

Photo of 5 Meals That Won My Heart In Dubai by Yashodhara Roy

3. Wicked Crab

It's getting a bit obvious that I am a Seafood lover. Isn't it? Well I am Bengali and from Goa - what can you expect?

Wicked Crab is no petit off beat restaurant nor is it any fine dining Michelin rated place. It's one of those wholesome restaurants in a mall (Mall of Emirates) and it is a GREAT place for a bunch of friends who share a mutual love for crab and any kind of shellfish!

Need I say more?

Click on the image to check out the video

Photo of 5 Meals That Won My Heart In Dubai by Yashodhara Roy

4. Allo Beiruit

In the photo below is a beautiful dessert called Osmalieh

All you Knefeh lovers also won't be disappointed. Or you Shwarma lovers, or kabab lovers. Allo Beiruit has it all. It's pocket friendly and everything is delicious.

If nothing else, do yourselves a favour and order something online via a delivery app like Talabat!

And LAST but definitely not the LEAST

5. Sultan Surray

I went to this Turkish restaurant (which luckily for you guys is also a chain) in my first visit to Dubai in 2022. It has a very fond place in my heart because I went here with friends I made on a little day trip with a small group tour to Abu Dhabi Louvre. A delightful Portuguese couple who were friendly enough to chat and actually hang out with me.

This place was of course recommended by my friend - at this point I should just say Thank you Pallu! (If you're reading this - you know :))

As always, it was a great choice. The food was FABULOUS! But the entire ambience was so much fun. The staff especially made you feel special which I also here is the 'Shayarana' andaaz/attitude that you might find in Turkey too - especially if you're a woman.

Just trust me, not a spot you want to miss. And try as much as you can!

Image taken from restaurant's own social media

Photo of 5 Meals That Won My Heart In Dubai by Yashodhara Roy

A fun glimpse into the kind of experience you might get below: