Being vegetarian in Europe

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Being a vegetarian can be a bit of a challenge when you travel to another country. The cuisines are different and we're not sure where to find a good restaurant where you can get a proper meal and not just finger food. And at times, it can really dampen the mood which is the last thing we want since we planned a lot to make our vacation a reality.

If you are a vegetarian like me, chances are that you too have to struggle a lot to find a good restaurant that can serve you a good meal. Once we have found our go to place in any city, we think twice to try different restaurants for the lack of choices. And some of us don't like to take the risk with food and carry their own meal when they are on a vacation.

While the food scene has started to change as lot of people are now opting for more of veggies and less of meat. But knowing which place can give you good options really goes a long way, specially if you do not want to wander the streets of a city in search of your perfect meal.

I've been in similar situations before and it can get frustrating after a while. But, thanks to the explorer in me, I was able to find restaurants with a good and delicious vegetarian meal options at various places that I visited in Europe over the last few years.

Here's a list of couple of restaurants & cafes for you to try. While I've tried to cover a few below, you can find more about it in my blog ( on the places I've visited and what made it special for me to recommend.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Maoz Vegetarian

A complete veg restaurant that serves falafels, salads, sandwich, and fresh juices. It also gives an option to customize the meal from various choices on the menu.

The Catharina Hoeve Cheese Farm

The place is filled with a variety of cheese such as Gouda, goats and herb cheese, smoked cheese and what not. While there isn't a lot to offer in terms of food option but a fresh cheeseburger and hot chocolate can make your day even better.

Madrid, Spain

La Biotika

A place that not only serves veg but also vegan and macrobiotic diet. You can get burgers, sandwich, hummus, nachos, and many other items to suit your preference and tummy.

Chocolatería San Ginés

This is a famous cafe in Madrid which servers delicious churros with hot chocolate to relish. They are one of a kind and have been in business since 1894.

Lisbon, Portugal

Pasteis de Belém

For those who don't mind eggs in their sweets, the custard tarts are simply delicious and the cinnamon and icing sugar adds to the taste.

Baden Baden, Germany

Cafe Am Rathaus

Big portions, good taste, and delicious dessert are some of the highlights of this place. They have good veg options to choose from and the best part is the desserts. This cafe is situated at a popular pedestrian precinct in this Germany's spa town giving you access to many other restaurants close by.

Interlaken, Switzerland

Restaurante Mercato

This place serves Italian food and has options for local wine in their menu. Portions are good enough for two and the staff is friendly. They have plenty of veg options to choose from.

So, how has been your food journey abroad? Leave your thoughts in comments on what worked for you and what made you regret the choice immediately. After all, we all have that not so lucky moments with food that makes for a good laugh years later. Mine was when I tried wasabi was the first time and I used a lot of it on my burger. Wasn't a good sight to watch 🤢!

(Disclaimer - The above-mentioned places are my recommendations and I have personally tried them all. I am in no manner affiliated with any of them and haven't been paid to promote these places)

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