Rome - Eternal City truly Eternal

12th Mar 2016

''Eternal City Truly Eternal"

Loved the place. Loved the food. Loved the weather.

Few things to be taken care of before you plan your trip to Rome.

  • Make sure you have an offline map downloaded in your phone or you have a net connection because no one will be helping you with directions in rome unless you speak Italian.
  • Be careful with your belongings(camera and mobile) as the place is full of thieves
  • Keep drinking water with you
  • Take the Roma pass for 48 hrs.(pass for travel and entry to museums) or more as per the duration of your stay
  • Dont stroll alone during night at lonely places
  • Keep a whole day aside for Vatican City as it takes a whole day

Few things which are a must try

  • Visit Colosseum both during daytime and night time
  • ice cream
  • pizzas
  • Pasta

Photo of Rome - Eternal City truly Eternal 1/2 by Lipsita Singh

Photo of Rome - Eternal City truly Eternal 2/2 by Lipsita Singh

Colosseum is the largest amphitheatre ever built. Its huge and fascinating. It looks beautiful at both daytime and during night.