Planning Euro-Trip : Stay/Food

26th Dec 2015
Photo of Planning Euro-Trip : Stay/Food 1/1 by Divya Garg

Are you planning a Europe - Trip in 2020?? Are you looking for some pointers for a budget trip to Europe??

How To Plan : If you do not want to do any research and want a hassle-free well planned trip then you can go for a tour package. Then you can get an agent who arranges everything for you, a bus takes us everywhere and guide tells a lot about the city and its history.

But if you are looking for exploring the local culture and getting a personal touch/feel to the city/streets, you should plan it own your own. Struggling and figuring out the city yourself will give you many opportunities to interact with the locals, giving you more peeps into the culture.

Hostel Recommendations:



You can book the hostels from hostel world as well. We took airbnb for rest of the stay.

Photo of Rome, Italy by Divya Garg
Day 10
Photo of Paris, France by Divya Garg

Food: Do not carry any food with you if you are a foodie. Even if you are on a budget trip, food is really really cheap, amazing and something you really can't miss on. For instance you can get a burger/sandwich for 2.5 euros from street corner or crepe for 2 or so. My favorites on must try list are Dutch-Fries, Nutella and banana crepe, hot wine and Nutella Churros.

We started our journey from Rome, Italy. Followed by Naples, Capri Island and then Amsterdam and returned back from Paris.